Thursday, September 1, 2011

It was a fair day

To say the least!!! The kids both woke up early, but crawled in with me and we all slept til 8:40...and as my hubby would say, "how's that practice for school mornings coming along?" But after getting home SO late last nite, they needed the sleep for today more so than the practice!

When we got up we had breakfast and the kids got dressed....they then went outside while I packed up a lunch and a bunch of snacks to take to the fair with us. But before we could do that...we went to DJ's school and dropped off his school supplies, and saw where he's sitting...kinda surreal really! I also found out he'll need a morning snack, and a lunch...but the afternoon snack in e-care is provided, so that's good! Turns out, it'll likely be Tuesdays and Thursdays that he'll need e-care as Wednesdays my neighbour will be able to bring him home on her way home, and Fridays I'll have to get him as that's Howie's late day to work. Not too bad really.  I also got us all t-shirts with this year's slogan on it...even Sam will have a shirt!

From there we headed to the bank to make a deposit and while there, we stopped at McD's to have lunch since it's MUCH cheaper than fair food!!  Then we were off! We parked at our church since they offer free parking every year, and it's the same walking distance as some of the parking spots way in the back! We got in and found the neighbours near the Ferris wheel. I got DJ an unlimited ride bracelet and he was set!! No sense getting one for Sam as she's too little for most rides anyways....not to mention fearful of them! And I wasn't going to do them with year! Instead, we went and saw the animals and she got play for a while on some pedal pushing tractors and then ground some oats into flour...that was a fun 2 hours for us! DJ stayed with Mike and the boys and only got lost once...yeah, he came off a ride and couldn't find Mike, and wandered off...Lara had gone in search of the boys so we could all get a photo button done together and found him. When we all met up again, DJ was like velcro!!! That scared him! Me too and I found out AFTER the fact!

At 6 we went and watched the All Alaskan Pig races....the kids got into that one!! Then Lara and I went to get food while we waited for the Lumberjack show...DJ remembered it from last year and was excited to see it...and it was nice to sit for a spell! After that the kids did more rides...DJ definitely got his money's worth out of his bracelet!!! And I have to admit, it was only kinda scary watching him on the Ferris wheel and the swings, he's so small when on those rides!!! That's my baby!!!  The last "ride" we did was one of those fun trailers where you climb up, the floor moves, you slide down....and the gal was REALLY nice and let the little ones go on too...but she made me do it with them!! HA! They got 5 rounds on that before some ornery carnie cut the little ones off! They were totally loving being with the big kids. At this point it was 9 and I was done!! My feet were hurting and I was ready to be we walked back to the church and came straight home.

Their feet were black from the fair so we washed them up, read a book and they were out faster than a speeding bullet! Now, I gotta go make Howie's lunch and hit the sack myself! I'm whupped!! The weather was PERFECT too!! The sun was out, but there was a breeze and by 6 we needed our sweatshirts as it started sprinkling a bit, but never full on was nice!! Couldn't have asked for a better day at the fair!!! Food wise we did good too...the kids split a corn dog (a jumbo one!) and I had bbq beef on a bun...delish!! Oh and two bites of a funnel cake (the kids weren't impressed and it was Lara's) and two bites of cotton candy, which was GROSS!!! Won't miss that anymore!

Til next time...God bless!

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