Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moves Like Jagger

Today I woke up FROZEN!!!!! Its definitely Fall in these here parts!!! Brrrr!! Thankfully I had a heater box sleeping next to me...which made me wonder why his dad wasn't home yet from work! So we got up and got was picture day and I was smart enough to talk it up yesterday AND have the decision fits about what to wear (yes, there were tears!!!!) and have him decide that my choice really was the best :) So, he'll be HANDSOME for his pix!! I can't wait to see them...this is the first time I haven't been with him for pictures to make sure he doesn't over smile, or look sad....fingers crossed!

Once we dropped him off, Sam and I headed my g/f Shannon's house for a play date...she's the one who hooked me up with the dance studio Sam's taking classes with...and since it's a hike to our house and then back to town for dance, we just stick around, and today we hung out at her place. Her daughter will be 3 in November and the two girls hit it off well...Delaney is her name, but Sam of course has her own version, Alaney...aww. Well Miss Delaney has all kinds of "new" toys that Sam hasn't played with, so she fully enjoyed playing in her room with her.

Dance, is just amazingly fun for me to watch!!! I get just as much enjoyment out of it as Sam does! Today she learned 3 real ballet moves (I looked them up!!!) such as Arabesque, Passe, and Plie....and she's been practicing ALL day long since learning them too!! Oh, on the way to the truck from Shannon's house she fell in the driveway and tore up the knee of her tights really bad!! Poor thing!! Now I have to find more tights for her by next Wednesday!!! Might as well buy two pairs just in

After dance we did the pizza pick up and dropped them off at the shed before coming home for lunch. Sam had hers in the truck of course, but I still needed to make mine...thankfully I had some almonds in my purse to snack on! Eating before 8 and not eating til 1 is not pleasant for me! Just after one we woke Howie up...he didn't get home til 9 and asked to be woken at 1. So while the two of them went outside, I went and took a nap in the bed....with Belle in her crate so I wouldn't have her listen to her barking out the window.

DJ came home (via the neighbours picking him up on their way home from their own school) and asked if he could wear shorts outside to play....I have to say I was SO groggy when he came in and woke me up! I barely remembered the conversation, and then I check outside when I got up, and sure enough he's out there shirtless!!!!!!! BRRRRRRRRRRR It was barely 60 I'm sure! I then went out and picked tomatoes...I got 26 nice sized "grape" tomatoes and one cucumber!!! YAY!!!!!!! I can actually grow things! Howie's been enjoying the tomatoes in his salads for lunch.

Since tonite was an Awana nite we ate early, but apparently not early enough as I was a good 10 minutes late for Awana....hate doing that!!! Must plan better for next week!! And tonite, just FLEW by!!!! It was kind of chaotic! We lost 2 kids from last year (they moved up) and gained a good 12 new ones with with them moving up to our group, or just plain newbies!! I sure felt it tonite!! Thankfully I only have 12 names to learn, unlike last year when I had 30 names to learn!!!! Whew!!

We got home about 8:40 and got the kids in bed and then sat down and watched X Factor...there was one 14 year old girl, Drew, that almost had me in tears!!!!! And I SO preferred her version of Bieber's Baby song!!! Should be an interesting show....I wanna see if they actually groom them to become the "it" they're looking for. Howie went to bed after that and I watched Modern Family, which had me in STITCHES!!!!!!!  and Happy Endings, which I'm SO glad they brought back!!! That one had me giggling too!! Then, thanks my nap, I watched Revenge, which is really hooking me in!! I like the storyline so far! Reminds me of the old Dallas shows!

Til next time...God bless!

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