Saturday, September 3, 2011

Are you ready for some


This morning the kids blissfully slept til 9:30!! We ALL needed it!! I was even sound asleep last nite by 12:30 I was so tired!! Not usual for me for sure!! So we got up, and lazily ate breakfast while I tried to decide what to shopping is supposed to happen this weekend...and it's a long weekend...terrible timing!

Around noon I got a call from Lara asking if we were heading into town, and we were, I'd decided to brave costco and get that portion of the shopping out of the way....and since we were, she asked if I'd pick up Michaela at her friend's house and drop her at the fair (they went again today!!!!) which turns out it was 3 of them, thankfully I had the room! Dropped them off and off we went to costco. We ate lunch first in hopes it would keep the kids worked! That and samples! Most of them were spicy ones, and it was funny to see the kids try it and get all worked up about it!! haha I tried to tell them....they knew better! In the end, I managed to get another birthday gift...a new set of fleece sheets in a lovely lavender we have two sets!!!! I just know Howie will be thrilled! We've already argued on when they're going back on the bed...I want them now, but Howie wants to wait til October 15th!!! That's just nuts!!! I'll settle for the 1st of October tho...we'll see! Apparently we're to be getting temps in the 90's this next week...kinda odd for September, but then again, this whole year has been odd weather wise!

Since we were in Woodinville already, I stopped by and got Howie his fishing derby ticket for next weekend...didn't get one for DJ as it was the same price and that's not worth the 30.00 to me for him to be gone all day...nope, not worth it! So it'll just be Howie doing this one and then DJ can join him for the one 2 weeks after that kids are free for.

It wasn't til 3:30 that we were headed back home...the time I wanted to be home by!!!! Yes, costco really was that crazy!! We got home, I rushed to put stuff away and hopped in the shower to get ready for the game tonite. Then put the pizza in the oven and made dinner for us. We got on the road a lot later than I would have liked, and were 15 minutes late for the game...but we made it! I'd packed LOTS of snacks and the kids ate every last morsel!! The Mavs won 41-7 and it was a beautiful nite!!

On the way home the kids were funny....DJ asked how long we'd lived in Monroe for, and I said, almost 2 years, and without any hesitation he says "So when I was 3 and Sam was 1?" That blew me away!! Math already!?!?! Dang!!  A few minutes later Miss Samantha pipes up and says "Its way past my bed time, and I'm very tired"  which it was...more than 2 hours past!! They both had fun tho and that's all that matters! AND they were out pretty fast again tonite!

Now, its my turn to join the slumbering crew...

Til next time...God bless!

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