Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm beginning to think that

8:30 is the new sleeping in!!! Sad but true! This morning DJ came in to sleep w/ me and he was up about 7:30 and went to watch tv...I finally got up and out w/ Belle who was squawking up a storm! She likes the early schedule.

After breakfast I got busy online and on the phone trying to find a flight for my FIL...his sister passed away on Thursday and he is anxious to get to Winnipeg for the funeral. United Airlines had me on hold listening to some new age shit music for 45 (FORTY-FREAKIN-FIVE) minutes before I got a real voice on the other end. And within minutes, he told me to call another airline, he had nothing to tell me! Sad eh? So I called his recommendation: Air Canada. Surprisingly I was only on hold for 9 minutes before I had a lovely British accent in my ear w/ all kinds of good info for me!! We got things semi booked til I got more info. Once I got that from Dad I called back and was only on hold for 11 minutes and ended w/ a ticket in the email! Thank you Air Canada!!
Once that was all said and done I grabbed the kids and headed to church for kids day. We missed the beginning, but there were exactly 3 hotdogs left for us. They were just getting the ice cream trough ready, so we ate and the kids went and got some ice cream. Then we had a couple games to play, which most of the kids remembered from VBS, it was fun!! We then hung out another hour or so and then headed home. It was seriously hot out!! Even had the a/c on in the car!!
We got home minutes before a fish-less Howie. He was in a derby all day and between the 4 of them, they caught one humpy, and the derby was for silvers...SO disappointing!! Turns out the heaviest fish of the day was 11 lbs!! Not very big for a derby! Since he had no fish to deal w/, he went for a nap instead. I shooed the kids outside and got busy cleaning the house. Jake was to come for dinner, so I needed to clear the table. DJ sure has a lot of paperwork for one week of school!! How do I decide what to keep?!?! lol

Since it was so hot (and I worked up a good sweat just vacuuming!) I decided to go on a kitchen strike! Yeah, I called in for Teryaki and went to pick it up. SamSam came w/ and all she wanted to do was nap...rascal! Keeping her awake is tougher than DJ! I did it tho and we ate as soon as we gpt back! The kids bugged to go back out to play, so we let them for a bit before bathing them. Which we tag teamed since it was really Howie who let them back out to play!

They both went down easy....and w/ all the outdoor time today, it wasn't surprising. Oh I discovered that Jasper does indeed have fleas, and my lovely neighbour informed me that all the blood I'm cleaning off my counter top in the bathroom, is actually flea poop!!! EWWWWWWW gonna hit up a pet store tomorrow and get some stuff for them...all 4 of them! Snickers has been banned from the bedroom thanks to her little trip to the pig earlier today...oh she STINKS!! Howie said he'd bathe her tomorrow. Its vomitous, if that's even a word, altho it should be! Contact Webster and tell him I got a new word for him! If "bromance" and "omg" can get in there, so can vomitous!! Anyways, once Howie was done with catching up on football, I put on Rookie Blue and got all caught up on the season! Now, I'm whupped!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. You can get frontline or advantage from yr vet or petsmart that works GREAT. (beware of cheap immitations) It's little drops you put on their neck behind the head, once a month, absolutely NO fleas. Its wonderful. Nothing else works as well as this stuff. A bit pricey wut well worth the cost to have a totally flea free pet & home.


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