Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halfway there

This morning I thought we were all the way there...both kids happy, healthy and fighting!!! Even the squealing Samantha was welcome! So, to celebrate, we ate breakfast (dry cereal for both of them) and then headed out to do the pizza run and do the book share as I've been cooped up in this house since Sunday nite.

Off we went, each with a toy in hand to the shed....the books took longer than I thought they would as there was WAY more this week than the past couple weeks....and typically I don't put them out on the shelves of late....DJ meanwhile was having meltdown after meltdown in the half hour I was doing books. Then we headed into town to do the rest of the runs and pick up pizza....which he BEGGED me for, but I said no, pineapple and ham with cheese is not a good "day after being sick" food choice. But the whining kept on and he was Grumpy!!!

We got home about 1:30 and I took his temp...sure enough, he's back up over 101...poor kid! He took a nap while Sam and I ate our lunch. Thankfully the puke monster stopped after that first day! About 4 I went to lay on the bed while they watched Caillou...I can only handle so much of THAT whiny voice too!!!...and DJ came to lay with me in a fit of tears....he then started complaining about his ear hurting...and popping a lot...which mine did in my last sinus infection a month ago...took a good week to clear up too! But I made the executive Mom decision and fished out the unopened antibiotics from the last ear infection in April...and started him on that. And gave some Motrin to help with the fever.

While Sam and I had dinner (she was completely fine all day, singing and dancing away!) DJ laid on the couch going in between sleeping and watching Caillou...but he did want to eat, so I heated up the soup from the other nite and he ate some of that. Even in his delirium he asked to have it for breakfast too! Silly boy! 

I finally got them both in bed by 9 and Sam was out FAST!! DJ on the other hand, wasn't sleepy but humoured me and laid in bed...for all of 5 minutes! Just as I'd gotten settled in to watch X Factor, Howie called...and before I'd left DJ's room he said to me "If Daddy calls, bring the phone to me"  So I went to check if he was still awake...sure enough he they got to chat for a bit. Once done on the phone, I left DJ in his room and got comfy again. No sooner was I comfy but he was out asking to call daddy back...we tried, but no service. Then he tells me he's he ate some more soup and I let him lay on the couch to watch X Factor with me. Thankfully the worst audition (and the first for the Seattle stop) was over...some idiot shakin his dick on stage while attempting to sing....I mean we NEED to see that shit!??!? Come on! OY!  Thankfully, there was some real talent showcased and it should be a good show!

Once it was over, I tucked DJ back into bed and didn't hear a peep from him....then watched Survivor (Oh Brandon, you're a dumb ass!!) and Modern Family (LOVE this show!) and Revenge (which totally SUCKED me in!!! Right from the opening quote!! "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves"...doesn't that sound ominous??) and now I'm heading to bed. I did finally finish The Secret Life Of Bees and am not all that anxious to see the know what they say, the book is always better than the movie...and I didn't care for the book....yeah. I'm now reading Summer Sisters by Judy Blume...chosen purely for the author, but the book is a strange one!

Til next time...God bless!

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