Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The last day

Of his pre-school  life!!!!!!! I honestly don't know who's more excited...him or me!!! Him because he gets to make some new friends and learn about everything and me because I won't have to cater to his every need for up to 6 and a half hours!!! AND I know he'll be in the best school and learning SO much more than I would ever have the patience to teach him! To think he'll be reading, really reading, by Christmas makes me giddy!! He's pretty excited about it too!  Did I tell you the name of the girl who's next to him...Cliodhna...drop the d and h and its pronounced Cliona (so WHY put the d and h in there in the first place?!?!?) He's practiced her name...I also know next to her is Marty...and further down is a Mackenzie...I didn't look to his right to see who was there, but hopefully he can tell me after tomorrow.

My baby is growing up!!! Ahhh!! I knew this day was coming since getting pregnant with him almost exactly 6 years ago (the 10th) and its really happening...next thing I know he'll be losing teeth....then growing even taller, and taller than me...then the voice will change....and all that jazz!!! Ok, maybe I'm not so ready as I thought I was! Jake is a senior this year, but it's not affecting me the same way as he's not my baby....and Howie hasn't made a big deal out of it, so I guess its not hitting as hard!

Today we slept in til after 8 and then got up and had breakfast...DJ wanted the waffles I bought last week shopping....so he got that and Sam and I had eggs....my lil egg lovin girl! It still cracks me up that she wants salt AND pepper on the egg...gets mad at me if I fake it too! So I don't fake the pepper, but I do still fake the salt. And today with her egg she didn't want anything else....which was okay with me the egg held her for a long while. Lunch was on the back deck at the picnic table as it was yet another GORGEOUS day here!!!

After lunch I got ready to go to a bbq, but we needed to stop at the shed to do the books first....so we did that and as we're on our way to town, my phone rings, and Howie's working til after 7, possibly 8...so I turned around and headed home instead. Kind of a let down really, but saved the gas in the end. DJ was fine either way as there was a pool in both places...home and the bbq. But on the way home he told me he was in trouble with Mr Erickson and that he'd been mean to Caleb....so he got sent to his room for that one to think things over.

While I was out watering the garden some time later, and Mike was also out, I let DJ come and talk with him...turns out, he didn't like the way DJ ignored my calling for him three times this aft to get going, and wanted DJ to be a better listener. I like that idea! So the two of them went over to "help" him in the back yard and I got started on dinner....which DJ chose pancakes and sausage. YUM!!! And it was yummy too!! I had part of mine with some of the peach jam I made last week....oh my stars was it good!!!! Mum will LOVE that jam!!!!!

Howie got home just as we were brushing teeth after the bath....so he read to DJ and I read to SamSam and they got tucked in...not one word from either one after that!! I made Howie his dinner and we watched a bit of AGT....which made me realize I've missed the entire season of SYTYCD...how sad!!! Oh well, I'll live! Once Howie went to bed tho I flipped Bach Pad on to watch the shenanigans on there. Even got a bit of knitting done too! Two nites in a row!! Yay me! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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