Monday, September 5, 2011

What a great weekend!!!

Yesterday was a busy day....Sam and I were left behind while the boys went fishing, they caught 6 Humpies (a kind of salmon Howie doesn't care for) and so we went grocery shopping after a lovely and leisurely morning. When we got home the boys were just washing the boat to put it away for the I made us lunch, the kids didn't eat, but we did...and then Howie went back to the boat stuff. I then puttered around the house and remembered I'd promised DJ that I'd do up a bunch of water balloons for the kids.

I spent the next hour filling those darn, they're NOT easy! I did about 100 and for those 100 there was probably 15 busted before I could fill 'em! That's frustrating! And I did do up 14 for myself...after explicitly explaining they couldn't throw them at me, only at each other, and they had to wait til I got up on the porch, I then turned around and pummeled them with the ones I had to get them wet and not afraid of them "hurting"....oh what fun that was!!!!

At 4 the football began...and in 4 hours I swear we watched 10 games, even tho Howie says it was only brain begs to differ! And in between plays, he was watching some Mel Gibson random!!  Dinner was delish and thankfully I'd bathed the kids before dinner, so that wasn't an issue after we ate, it was late, so they went to bed at a normal time for the first time in a while!!! And Samantha threw a FIT at my leaving to go do the Panera run for the shed...apparently she screamed bloody murder for a half hour after I left! Poor thing! I was sure to kiss her when I got home!

This morning the kids let us sleep in til 8 which was nice...and then Howie got up with them and I lazed in bed til it was time for me to hop in the shower. We actually made it to church ON TIME!!!!! It's a first for sure!!! lol  And Miss Samantha decided she didn't want to go to class, that she'd rather sit with us....and be buggy! I didn't enjoy service one bit this morning thanks to them both pulling at me in different directions! Oh, she did good with being quiet, but was ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!! Dropping books, pens, earrings, papers, anything and everything...ugh! DJ was no better...but he was louder with his interruptions!

After church we headed to the outlet mall to do some birthday shopping....but first we stopped at Carl's Jr's for lunch...Howie wanted to see what the hype was about...the kids had nuggets (are ya surprised?), Howie had a burger and I had the cranberry, walnut, apple salad which was quite filling! Then we hit the mall...and boy was it crazy...just to find parking!!!! Finally someone signaled us that he was leaving and we waited for him....great spot too! We walked around for a bit, checked out some stores that were too crowded, Nike especially!! And I didn't think their "outlet" prices were too "outletty" (yes, I just made the word up!) Next stop we went to Dress Barn...I'd never been in one...and after walking around, I know why! They're a business casual place....and I have no business and am far too casual really! I did find a skirt there tho on the half price rack! My second skirt purchase in 10  years!! lol

My main goal was to go to Lane Bryant...the big girl store! I grabbed a bunch of stuff, and the focus was on pants!!!!! In the end I got 2 pair of pants (one jean, one sweat), 2 pair of capris (one sweat, one khaki), 2 pr of undies (you needed to know that right?), and a tank top....and I got an extra 15% off for getting their credit card which earns points and becomes dollars....kinda likin how it worked out!! Howie was glad I was out of money to spend LOL...he was gettin tired of wrangling kids!!! So we headed home as we were having Jake come for dinner.

What a lovely dinner too! I made homemade burgers with the beef I finally packaged up a few days ago....I got a recipe off my recipe site and "doctored" it up a bit...HP sauce, garlic, onion, Worcestershire sauce, egg and panko with a bit of fresh ground pepper....oh they were tasty!! The kids gobbled them up too!! I couldn't believe how fast they ate them! Nice and juicy too, but that has more to do with Howie's skillz on the Q!  After dinner we all went for a walk with Belle and headed up the street to see the breeder for a bit. Belle had fun being off leash in their yard rompin with her mom and dad....who could have cared less for her lol 

Jake stayed and watched most of an Indiana Jones movie I'd never seen....I think it was #3 or 4...something about a crystal skull....He left shortly after 9, and Howie went to bed shortly after 10 and I got sucked into the dang thing and watched to the was okay. Then I watched Drop Dead Diva and thoroughly enjoyed that...but more so as I was able to pull the needles out and do some knitting....Belle was in a good mood tonite!!

Til next time...God bless!

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