Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When I went out of town...

I didn't leave behind sick children!!!  I was a good parent and left healthy ones for my husband to take care of! What does he leave me with!?!? Two fevered, pukey, stinky, sleepless kids! Oh the fun we've had today!! NOT!!!

It all started at 3 am when DJ wanted to sleep with us...he got in the middle and was a heater!!!!! Howie got up around 4 I believe, he'll correct me if I'm wrong, and got ready for work...at which point I hear crying coming from Sam...at first I thought it was my dream...it wasn't...she was crying on the toilet and was burning up!!! Since Howie had already vacated the bed, she came to lay with DJ and I...so I got to be in the  middle of a heater sandwich!!!

They were awake off and on throughout the rest of the nite and at 7 DJ needed to throw up...thankfully its on an empty tummy....and while he's throwing up, Sam's right beside him at the toilet doing the same dry heaving. This has to be the most helpless feeling in the world as a mom...watching your two children dry heave into the same toilet! I'm quite thankful that it doesn't set me off and all 3 of us weren't using the toilet to heave into.

After the tummies settle, DJ wants to go watch tv...so I settle him with a blanket and take Sam back to bed...she dozed off til 8 and was up to go join DJ....at which point, they let me finally sleep for 3 hours and it was almost 11 when I woke up with a start. Ran out to check on the kids, and then got dressed and got Belle outside to do her thing. I was shocked Belle was as patient as she was...she's getting older for sure!

Since they were still fevered, 102.9 and 102.1 I didn't let them eat...but let them have water...and then they'd throw up...gave them some Motrin, and Sam threw hers up a half hour later. She dozed off a couple times and DJ went between the chair and the couch. I'd sit with them for a bit, but their combined body heat made it feel like a hundred degrees in my own skin. We did all take an hour and a half nap on the couch about 2. Poor Sam was puking again as soon as she got up.

I ate dinner while they watched, which was kinda odd, but they both knew they couldn't eat...and at least I ate something they wouldn't have eaten anyways. Then, on the advice of my mom friends (and Fifi) I started giving them 2 tsp of water every 15 minutes so they wouldn't get dehydrated....and after an hour bumped it up to 4 tsp for DJ and 3 tsp for SamSam...and we did Crystal Light instead water to give them some sugar to help their systems not go into dehydration.

About 9 Sam asked to go to bed, which I didn't say no to...so off she went. I finally made DJ go to bed at 9:20 and then sat down to watch my dvr'd shows. Tonite kicked off HIMYM and 2.5 Men...both of them were hysterical!! And I have to say, Ashton is a welcome addition!!! I've missed seeing him on the little screen since he got so 'big' since doing That 70's Show...yep, I won't miss Charlie Sheen at all! 
About 11 DJ woke up and snuggled with me a bit...before I put him to bed, he wanted some crystal light...so I gave him 4 tsp again and he instantly threw up...poor guy! On the plus side, he did pee after, and that's a good sign! As he was resting on the couch, Miss SamSam came out thinking it was time to get up for the day! She was sadly mistaken and quite upset to see it was still dark out (can't argue with that fact!) and so I read to her once I tucked DJ in. She then had to poop (and pee) so off we went for her to do that...another good sign! I finished our story and tucked her back in. Now, I'm off to get some sleep before they barge into the bed with me!

Til next time...God bless!

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