Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My little wide reciever

This morning DJ was up again 4 minutes before the alarm...and very proud of it too! His comment to me "I did say extra early!!" hahaha and he did! Rascal! So we got up and did the breakfast thing and headed to school. Right after I dropped him off, we stopped at the Chiro's office so I could have a consult...and I decided with the Chiro that I don't need any work done as I'm feeling back to normal really. And we talked about Howie and how he's doing and that was that. Sam and I then dropped off the books to the Goodwill, dropped off books to my local rep, and then headed home.

She wanted to snuggle and so we did!! I love how its all about what she wants these days...and she's catching on pretty quick that its like that! So we snuggled and watched Calliou...and Sesame Street....I love how she interacts with the tv now...and answers Elmo's questions. Its cute! Lunch was left overs for both of us as my bag of salad had expired and was a slimy mess! Hate that!

When we were done eating I then ventured into the kitchen, first to clean it, and then to make something I'd never made before in my life!! White Chicken Chili...I've heard so many other moms rave about it, and I finally saw the seasoning packet when looking for regular chili, so I got it and have been anxious for a while to try it. And with DJ's first football practice and a school orientation immediately after that, tonite seemed like a good nite for chicken chili!  I have to say, it smelled just like regular chili, but when I'd go to stir it, my brain got confused as to why it was so light coloured...very odd!

Shortly after 2 Sam and I left to run some errands before picking DJ up...she fell asleep, so that made my errands that much easier thru at the bank, no suckers needed...dropping books off, no tag alongs whining...truly perfect!! Then we got DJ and I popped in at the Vet's finally!! Got all the necessary flea ridding crap and headed for Fred Meyer's to see about getting some cleats for DJ for football. They had none, so we went to Big5 next and found a pair. I had a choice between the 20.00 shoes and the 30.00 shoes....I hate these kinds of choices really as my wallet says "go cheaper" but my inner Dr. Mom says, "get the expensive ones as they're more sturdy and support the ankle better"....Dr. Mom won this round!

We got home and I got started right away on dinner for the kids and packing up a dinner for Howie and I to eat on the field. We left right at 5 and got to the field with a few minutes to spare. It was CRAZY there....the Bearcats were doing their photos and the parking lot was jammed!!! And we were way down at the farthest end! The practice was fun to watch....and embarrassing at the same time!  Who's kid was running the slowest...ours! Who's kid found a worm and announced it to everyone...ours! Who's kid didn't get the grabbing of the flag concept...ours!! Thankfully he wasn't alone (well, except for that worm incident) and since it was the first practice, it was cute to watch. They did expect a little much from the kids in terms of the warm up exercises...DJ has NO clue how to do a jumping jack...he just jumps and flails his arms! They did run some plays and put him in the wide receiver position...but he thought he was quarterback as that's what Jake told him he should be lol

We left when our baby sitter's mom came to be with the kids and take them back to her house...and we went up the street a quarter of a mile to the church where the parent meeting was for school. Then we headed across the street to the school for an orientation and to meet some of the other parents in DJ's class. Cliodhna's mom was there, so I met her (Lisa is her name) and 3 others were with us to listen to Mrs Hughes go thru what's expected of Kindergarten. It really just affirmed our decision to put DJ in this school...and we got to check out his handbooks and see his work already. Then I signed myself up for a variety of services for the school so I can work my 20 hours of volunteer to get a break in the registration for next year.

Finally we headed for home, with a quick stop at Freddy's to get some salad for lunches, and picked the kids up...they had FUN!! And were eating popcorn just like Kay promised they would! Got them home and in bed before 9 which was a feat! DJ was asleep before I could get to him...he was tuckered out!! Howie went to bed after watching AGT finals....I want iLuminate to win!!  And tonite also marked the premiere of Parenthood...YAY!!!!!! Not sure I like all the hairstyle changes with Haddie and Sara's'll take some getting used to!

Til next time...God bless!

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