Saturday, September 24, 2011

Favourite colour is Chrome

Today was all about Trace know, my future husband!! But first the kids had to be taken care of SamSam went to daycare at Howie's work...SO cute her little good bye to me this morning at 6 am! And then DJ went to school...for the first time this week. How is it that, with only one child I could get him up at 7:45 and to school for 8:20...but when its both of them we're up at 7 and barely there for 8:20 sometimes....that much of a difference!?!?! Dang!

I got home at 8:40 and didn't know what to do with myself! A nap sounded good, but was still kinda early...then just before 10 my Avon showed up, so I worked on that...then Sarah showed up to get a cheque...then I hopped in the shower to get ready...Oh and the school called me at noon to tell me that due to the walkathon tonite, there was no e-care...which is how today was all supposed to flow so easily. No e-care really messed my plans up! But we got it figured out and off to the school I went for recess duty. Glad I remembered that  yesterday in making plans for travel!

After my duty was done, I signed DJ out of his class and he came with me to meet up with my girlfriends...then we met up with Howie at his work exit on the freeway and he took DJ and off we went to the fair. What should have been an hour long ride turned into 2 thanks to a different route my g/f chose...but finally we got there! And just in the nick of time too...we made it to the KMPS booth to get in on the drawings for meet and greets for Trace....and wouldn't ya know it...I was 509 (my g/f was 510) and they called 511 (now, had my g/f been with us when we got ours, she would have won!!!!) and 514...SO bummed!!!!! How else am I gonna let Trace know my intentions!?!? lmao

The concert started at 7:30 with Gloriana I knew two songs by them, so it was odd to sit there listening to them and not know anything really. And they saved my fave song to last. In between their set and Trace's set they were doing autographs over my merchandise, so we headed over there and got some autographs and pix before heading back to our seats.

Trace was PHENOMENAL!!!! Just love his energy on stage! His presence is very evident, not just by his size or the tone of his voice, but his whole personality! And he came out with both guns blazing song wise!! It was awesome!!! I had a 10th row seat and enjoyed it immensely!!! When he was all done, I headed up to the stage to get whatever I could from the crew a pic from the mic stand...and then another "fan" one which I gave to my g/f  and then a few mins later I got a set list from the stage....I scored big time!!!!! Its nice to have the list to know what exactly he sang when. At least for this Virgo! :)

When we finally left, we went in search of a funnel cake...which I split thankfully! That was WAY too much sugar! If one could o.d. on sugar, that would be the way! I still feel it buzzing in my veins!! The ride home was short and sweet!! They dropped me off at costco where the truck was and I came home....and home by 12:20 was impressive!!! Now, I'm ready to go to bed as tomorrow starts awful early for a Saturday!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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