Friday, September 23, 2011

Last day of summer

And I finally have healthy kids!!!!!! They were both up about 8 and full of energy! So  much so, that they got the  magnets down from on top of the fridge (not sure how, and probably don't wanna know how) and created me a tower on the fridge of the letter magnets...awwww  So we had breakfast and they bounced around for a bit before heading wait for me.

We were off to do some actual grocery shopping!!! Costco was the plan for today and they both enjoyed the samplings that were offered. Oh, on the way to costco, we were talking about marriage...and how DJ and Sam can't marry each other (ew!) but that they each have to find someone smart to marry...and DJ pipes up with "Well, when I go to college, if there are no girls there, I'll just go to a girl college and find a smart girl to marry" Out of the mouths of babes....and bestill my beating heart! We just got him into kindergarten and already he's thinking college!!! Don't anyone might happen tomorrow....

After costco we stopped at the dollar store to grab what was needed from there and then head home for lunch...the kids wanted pizza, so pizza they got! I enjoyed a chicken caesar salad myself. After eating DJ went out to draw with chalk in the driveway but was sad that K wouldn't come play with Sam went out with him for a bit, and then they both came back inside. Howie finally got home after his 4 day absence around 4:20 and they mauled him! Good thing he let them too!!

We decided not to do dinner before practice, and eat after....whoa was that a bad mistake!!! First of all, practice ran late, so it wasn't til 7:05 we got home...but I cheated and did a micro dinner and we were done by 7:45...which left time for baths for the kids....and only baths, no foolin around either. Samantha totally cracked me up (and got mad at me for laughing) when she said "I'm so tired, my legs can't hold me up!!" and flopped on my was hilarious!!!! She sure did perk up tho when we gave her a backpack with its own lunch pail...then she was bouncing around the house with it on.

Once the kids were in bed we watched Big Bang Theory which started back up tonite....just a funny, FUNNY show!!! Thoroughly enjoyed it! Then Howie went to bed and I watched Grey's season premiere....I have to say, I don't think I could amputate someone in the middle of a crisis if my life (or theirs) depended on it!! Seriously! I'd be puking and heaving all over the wouldn't be pretty! Nice to have it back tho! Then I watched a new show I'd dvr'd called that was FUNNY!!! I enjoyed it greatly! Here's hoping it sticks around!

Now I have to go make lunches and breakfasts....enjoyed my break this week from it all! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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