Thursday, September 15, 2011

Presto Chango

This morning was COLD!!!!!!!!! Like, stick your toe outside of the covers and shiver kind of cold!!!!  The "I don't wanna get out of bed" kind of cold!!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrr Turns out, it was 58 degrees...and with our window open a bit, I'm sure it was that temp in my bedroom too!!! DJ was next to me, as he'd peed his pj's and changed and crawled in next to me...but that was after I'd put him there as he started out behind me...and Howie's alarm went off an hour early, then he slept thru the time he was supposed to be up, but I woke up as DJ was veclroed to me...ugh!!! Have a slight kink in my  neck from all this unnecessary bed time shenanigans!

The kids both slept til 7:15 as I had the brilliant idea to have DJ eat his breakfast on the way to school...which put us there at 8:20!! NICE!!! Then Sam and I came home and had our own breakfast since we had no other plans for the morning. And what a nice feeling that was!! NO PLANS!!! So we snuggled on the couch and watched tv....and we both loved it! There were quite a few kisses given and received...just awesome!!!
Then before I knew it, it was 1:30, so we ate lunch, and cleaned up...then it was time to get DJ...picked him up, brought him home and I got started on dinner. Now, I haven't had pizza since February, but this one looked I ate it for my dinner (we also had football practice at 5:30) and boy did I regret that decision! Before we even got to the field my tummy was rumbling something fierce!!!! I used the bathroom at the school (sorry to the girls who came in after me, I know, it STUNK) and was grateful it was open due to basketball.  Then it was a race to get me home so I could use the bathroom again it was just that bad! I feel okay now, but damn!!!

We had Kristopher with us for practice, so when we got home, it was speedy baths so they could go back out and play with him til he went home. Then both kids went to sleep instantly and I got busy sorting clothes. We're attending a clothing swap tomorrow and I needed to sort thru some of it as my g/f just had a baby and some of it could go to her easily. Howie went to bed already and now that I'm done blogging early, I'm gonna go veg and watch some tv...maybe even knit...I have all 4 animals in my area, so I doubt my lap will be empty :)

Til next time...God bless!

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