Friday, September 9, 2011

Baby Snuggles

This morning Sam was the one up screamin her head off at 5:43 as she'd heard Howie leave and was quite distraught at him leaving (which he does every day...) and took some consoling to get her into bed with me and back to sleep...whew! Plus, I'd woken up when Howie did as I heard his alarm and he didn' this was the second time! I hate disjointed sleep!  Then I woke up to my alarm and DJ almost simultaneously....and we woke Sam up gently and got up for the day. Breakfast went smoothly, and we were making good time for drop off at 8:30. He tried telling me that he doesn't need my help and he knows where his class is...yeah right buddy, it's only been 3 days, I'm not ready for THAT independence!! Maybe if it was

Sam and I then went to get gas, and drop off some Norwex stuff, and some Avon stuff and then we got on the road to Marysville...I was off to see my newest birthday mate!! My g/f Pearl had her baby on my birthday at 10:28am and I've been itchin to get a baby fix since the news!!! Shoot, since before she was born!!!! So today it worked out perfectly for us to go and visit. I got a bit lost and turned around trying to find her...and then it became about finding a bathroom for both of we found one at a nursery and bought Pearl a pot of Mums (fitting no?) and then got back on the road. Now, here's the part that wouldn't have happened say, 10 years mom called earlier while we were lost the first I had her call back when we were done at the potty...and she looked up on her computer where I was and gave me directions....I kid you not! Kinda wild that she's 3000 miles away giving me turn by turn directions to a place she nor I have ever been to!! But it worked!! And we got there and I got my baby fix!!

Samantha was smitten!! Within 5 minutes she said to me "I like her" and then while holding her 10 mins later (with my help of course) she says "I love her" and kissed her on the head...awwwwwww! I really did enjoy just smelling her newbornness...kinda like that new car smell....only better!! Pearl's hubby was out getting a hair cut and when he got back told us about a fruit and veggie stand he'd been to...and cut up a nectarine for us to eat...oh it was delicious! Since they were headed back there to show off the baby, we followed and I got some corn and peaches and nectarines.  I'd paid attention on the way to the stand and back tracked when we left them and went to Burger King for lunch...hadn't planned on being out for lunch, but that's what happens...with babies, time flies!

After lunch Sam and I went to Target to get her a ballerina outfit for dance class next week....she was ecstatic!!!! We got the body suit/dress, the tights and some ballet slippers...and while there I did some Christmas shopping from their clearance section...and some birthday shopping for DJ for next year! Yeah, I'm that good! :P  Once checked out we got back in the car and headed to another g/f's house to drop off some knitted items I'd found that she could use for her photo shoots for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep...and organization that photographs stillborns and dying babies....sad but needed. After that we finally headed home!!!

Sam took a nap while I drove and when we got back in town it was I could easily pick DJ up from school...originally I wanted to be home for lunch, and Howie would pick him up, but this worked out well too. He's finally remembering some names!!! YAY DJ!!! He's not like his father in this case after all!!! lol We got home and I pulled pork chops for dinner to thaw and went and laid on the bed in the cool darkness...Howie got home and I'm listening to the kids tell him I'm sleeping...HA like they'd be quiet enough for that!! Sam then put her ballerina stuff on to show Howie how it looks and twirled around for stinkin cute!!! 

After dinner we did the divided bathing system we  have and then put them both in bed shortly after 8...whew!!! Then my evening chores started and I got lunches and coffee ready before sitting down. Howie went to bed shortly before 9 as there was NOTHING on tv for him to watch, and he decided to read instead...fine by me! I then watched and episode of Rookie Blue (LOVE those Canadian placement tags!) and then Necessary Roughness from dvr and then the season finale of Suits....another HIT in my tv viewing! Now, I'm all ready for bed!!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. That is so sweet about the baby born on your birthday and how much Sam liked her. Awww!!!

    I really like Suits. I wish we didn't have to wait a whole year for next season!


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