Monday, September 12, 2011

I didn't mean to cry so much!

Today was, as EVERYONE knows, the 10 year anniversary of 9/11....and its tough not to be bombarded with all kinds of stories about it and what happened that day. Thankfully the kids are too young to even know or understand what everyone was talking about. Our sermon this morning touched on it briefly, and thankfully, again, they're too young to pick up on it and were far too interested in their fruit snack than what Pastor Dan had to say. I must say too, they both did quite well!! FAR better than last week for sure! Of course, it helps that DJ snores a half hour of it away...

After church we parted ways and I headed off to do Avon stuffs....I'd done most of it Friday, but because of Labour Day, my delivery was a day late, which meant that I didn't have the orders with me on Friday...grrrr In any case, I did get a good catch up visit with my g/f Joanne and her girl Morgin...and I had lunch there too. I left there shortly after 3 and headed to Lake Stevens to sign a new rep up...I'd gotten her name in an email last week, and we've been chatting and today was the day. I got there 15 mins early (traffic was GOOD) and used the facilities and then got myself  a chai tea latte and sat and waited...and waited....and waited! I texted her before 4 to remind her, and then called at 20 after 4 and left a message....she didn't show :( Rather disappointing! My other local rep was in the area and needed books, so she popped over and we mini visited and then I headed home.

Jake was already here when I got here, and busy playing with the fact, the only ones to greet me were Belle and Howie! I was invisible with the rest! lol  Perfectly fine with me...I went and changed and started dinner prep. Tonite's menu was steak on the barbie, awesome corn on the cob, steamed broccoli and asparagus...YUM!!!!! The kids went back out to play while we chatted with Jake a bit...then he went home, I went to the shed, I came home, the kids went to bed and we finally sat and relaxed a bit. Howie had the CBS special on about 9/11 and it was interesting to catch up with the firemen of that day...heartbreaking too!

Howie then went to bed, I grabbed the needles and started on the i-cord for the latest skirt and put on a Hallmark movie I'd recorded back in May...Hachi it was called. I tell you what...half way thru the damn thing I was bawling so hard I had put the knitting down, got Belle in my lap, and sobbed for the next hour! I kid you not! Oh it was heart wrenching! So many times we see what happens when a beloved pet dies, but this was the opposite...and showed what happens with the dog when his master dies. I'm chokin up now just typing this. AND it was based on a true story!!!! Come to think of it, there was very little dialogue...and it was such a powerful movie!! I then had to watch Friends just to get the hiccuping sobs to stop!!! And I'm not even pre-menstral!!! DANG!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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