Thursday, September 15, 2011

So incredibly precious!!

That's my little girl!!! An absolutely beautiful princess!!! I discovered her beside me this morning when DJ woke me up 2 minutes before the alarm!! Not gonna lie, it was tough gettin up this morning!! I've been doing good about getting to bed and asleep by 1, but I'm thinking I need to move that up a bit.

DJ, bless his heart, knew INSTANTLY that the syrup was different today....we've been eating sugar-free syrup for so long now...but ran out a couple days ago, so today, I cracked open a bottle of REAL syrup and used that on his waffles...he HATED it!!! In the end, he only ate 2/3's of his waffles...and that was because I helped him!!

I also got to see what it's like to be a minute late to didn't help that we got caught waiting for a long train too!! That was at least a minute if not longer!! I let him do the round about today, and be escorted in by one of the teachers there....he was doing a hot lunch so there wasn't anything to separate in his backpack. Then Sam and I wandered around town for a was her first Pre Ballet sense going all the way home to turn around and come back to town. So we headed to the library...doesn't open til 10! No bueno! Then I suggest the craft store...doesn't open til 9!!! Its only 8:36 at this point. Then I remember I need receipts for picking up pizza, so we headed to the shed to get those and then came back to Ben's...he was open then :)

We wandered around there for a good 40 minutes before we left and headed to the dance center. We were the second ones there, so we hit up the bathroom and got changed...and used the toilet which I'd hoped would be the last time til after class.  OH she looked ADORABLE in her little outfit!! SO stinkin cute! I got a few pictures, but couldn't quite capture the sheer joy at twirling and walking on her toes. She was definitely cut out for this!  She lapped up every single minute of the 30 minute session....oh and when she 'found' herself in the mirror, she was HOOKED!!! Kept checking to watch herself as she did stuff. Ay yi yi!

Once done dance, we headed to Freddy's to get the right syrup and a couple other things...then we stopped by Lowes to take back the sample of pergo we had as it matched the cupboards to a tee and I just can't handle THAT much light wood look....found two more that I liked and brought those home to try. Picked up the pizzas at Papa Murphy's and dropped them off to the shed before coming home for lunch. Remind me to pack some almonds or something!!!! Thankfully I'd bought pretzels, so we had those as an appetizer in the car.

After lunch Sam went outside while I stayed in looking wistfully at the couch and debating on taking a nap...I didn't :(...Instead I got the dishes unloaded and reloaded with what was on the counter...and got started making sketti sauce and even made some sugar free Blondies I'd found at Freddy's this afternoon. They sure smelled heavenly baking!!! Howie picked DJ up from school while I was in the shower...that worked well!! I also had pick up everything I could in the bedroom as Howie was going to spray the flea killing stuff while we were out at Awana.

Awana....started tonite and Samantha again was totally in her element!!! I swear both of them grew up a bit tonite....Sam for even going to Awana...and DJ for moving up in clubs so that he's now a Spark....he might have even grown 4 inches in an hour!!!! The first nite was a bit crazy, and I've got some new kids' names to learn...but for the most part it went SO smoothly!! I was done long before I normally am, and it was nice to peek in on DJ and Samantha while they were doing their thing. The drive home was chatty with both of them commenting on how dark it was already.

When we got home Howie was waiting with a clean (and hopefully from now on, a flea free) house and we got right to the business of bed time! Howie also had a surprise for Sam...a wooden doll house that's about 4 feet tall!! The day care at work is doing some updating/renovating, and the doll house didn't match the new decor, so Howie got to bring it home for one VERY excited little girl...when she finally clued in that it was in her room! Oh that was a cute moment! She had a tough time going to bed with that newness in her room! But both of them were exhausted!!!

Howie was watching AGT when I came out, but went to bed once iLuminate was eliminated....seriously!!??!?! How on earth did they NOT win!?!?! I was disgusted really! Then the singing dude one and I was shocked!!!!! Didn't see that one comin! I also watched the first episode of Survivor...GO OZZY!!!!!!! lol Not a big Coach fan....unless its the purses we're talkin about...even then I'm not all that familiar with them!!

Til next time...God bless!

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