Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Princess Camp

This morning, according to Howie, DJ woke up for the first time at 4, then again at 5:30 and had conversations together, and then fell back asleep with me (I have NO recollection of this thank God!) and didn't get up til after 8:30...Sam slept great too!!! lol We got up and I got breakfast going...since there's no Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the house, Sam chose Shreddies (my FAVE!) and didn't eat one bite...she wanted toast instead...rascal!! I on the other hand, am doing day one of phase one again to get out of the plateau slump I'm in! So far, so good!

About 11 Sam and I headed into town...first stop was the shed to clean out the shelves in there so that they're ready for the new shipment of books tomorrow...and then we headed to Aliya's house so we could pick her up and join her at Princess camp....Samantha was adamant about NOT going and how she wasn't a princess, so she shouldn't go *rolls eyes* and then Aliya gets in with her tutu and Sam has a different tune. We get to the dance studio and she literally just walked away from me without so much as a goodbye! Yeah, nice knowing you too!! I left a bit bewildered but pleased she felt comfortable there.

The chore then was to figure out what to do for 90 minutes since there wasn't much sense in going home! So I headed to St Vincent de Paul to drop off the stuff....walked around there for a bit as I'd gotten a coupon, didn't see anything I liked, gave my coupon away, and got back in the truck. Headed to the banks, then to the consignment shop. Turns out its been so long, I have a nice credit!! So I wandered for a few minutes, found a Mariners t-shirt for DJ and a pair of capri tights for Sam in pink. That killed what little time I had left! Headed back to pick up the girls and then head home. On the way I stopped at a g/f's house for a few minutes and then we dropped Aliya off and then finally got home. At which point, I was ready to eat Samantha I was SO hungry!!!! I'd at least taken some almonds and water with me, but 3 o'clock is NOT a lunch time!! Princess camp's time is just off! 12-1:30 is not acceptable! Sam had no real lunch! Poor thing!

Howie came home as the kids were outside playing in yet another gorgeous day...summer has finally arrived!! DJ then came and asked if he could go to D's football practice, so we said sure and he quickly ate a sandwich. We ate our dinner at 5:15 so I'd have time to head to puppy class...which turns out I was a half hour early for!!!! D'oh!!! So I sat in the sun and facebooked on my phone while Belle sniffed the grass out.

Puppy class was good...but Belle was not!! She was easily distracted and very barky today! The rotty in the class was her target today...bark, bark, bark! So annoying! But she did do well once I got her attention. She LOVED play time again with Zipper! And I think the teacher is right, Belle grew since last week! She'll be 4 months old tomorrow! She also warned me that our potty issues could very well last til she's 8 mos old...one of her pups had issues til then too. Lord help me!! Not sure I can live with this smell for another 4 months!!!!

We came home and Sam was waiting for us...DJ wasn't home yet. So got her in her pj's and by the time she was done, he came in the front door. He had fun and enjoyed playing with K on the monkey bars...which he still can't do on his own whew!  Got them both into bed and sat down with Howie to watch tv. Its Shark week and he had 1000 ways to die a horrible death (or some stupid name) and the one he was one just grossed me out! So I made him switch to Sharks!!! After he went to bed I put B'ette on and got my rhinestones out to finish up the VBS shirts I'm working on. Got two of the 3 done, and my hand was cramping up too bad.

B'ette...she chose wisely!!! With all the editing, its SO hard to see ALL that she's gone thru with each guy...and it was hard to see Ben so heartbroken and pissed off....but hey, it was real emotion! Here's hoping Ashley and JP actually make it thru the paparazzi phase and survive!!! Few have done it!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. I did feel so sorry for ben. He really seemed to love her and I do believe he was blindsided by her decision. Sad to watch, but he was a total gentleman at the after-the-final-rose show. A keeper, that guy, someone's going to be a lucky woman. Ashley & JP looked REALLY happy at the after show. I am a cynic (who isnt after all the recent fiascos on this show) but I am hopeful for these 2. They seem in-tune, mutually supportive and realistic. Xing my fingers for them.


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