Sunday, August 7, 2011

It wasn't lazy at all!!!

Which is kinda how I thought today would be! HA! Was I mistaken!!

This morning DJ woke up far too early...crawled in on my side and fell back to sleep...but then I woke up with a dead arm (when will I learn NOT to let him lay on my arm!?!?!?!?) and when I tried moving him, he woke was only 6:45 at this point. Thankfully Howie woke up with him and he and the dogs were out of the room. I did manage to fall back to sleep, but it wasn't deep by any means! :(

So by 9 I was in the shower and getting ready for the time Howie came to wake me, I was just getting dressed! Shocked him!! So while he got ready, I got breakfast going for us. Even tho we were ahead of the game, we were STILL late for church!!!! Only a couple minutes, but darnit! lol  Service was good...DJ however, was very fidgety!!! And we had two younger ones behind us that were worse! Afterwards tho, I showed the boys the room we worked so hard on yesterday! They were impressed!!! While Howie went and got Sam from her class I chatted with peeps and even had a gal come up to me and ask me if I was shrinking. I laughed and said,  yes, I am!!!  43 lbs now since Feb! She hadn't seen me all summer, but noticed right away today! Oh that made my day!!!!

Then I paid for the kids to go to Awana...which is awesome!!! It doesn't start til Sept 14th, but I wanted to pay it now as I know school stuff will still be needed come school time!! The only thing DJ needs now is shoes...he's all set in every other way according to the list! After church we headed to Lowes to get Howie a new lawn mower...the previous one (used if you recall) hit a rock the last time and did some serious it's toast! While we were at Lowes, we priced out pergo and picked the colour we matches the cupboards to a we either may not do the kitchen area, or we may go a bit darker in colour...not sure yet what the final verdict is. But we did watch a video on the Lowes site and we can totally do it ourselves!!!! SO exciting!!! I can't wait to get rid of the pee smell!!! And it seems, Belle only pees on here's hoping we solve that problem!!!

We got home after 1 and immediately did the lunch thing...then the kids went out to play and Howie went out to play with his new toy...and mow the lawn. I stayed in and puttered...worked on some Norwex stuff...worked on some Avon stuff...and decided I really didn't want to go back into town and do the grocery shopping....the MAIN thing we needed was toilet paper as we were sharing the last roll! Literally! So I buzzed next door to see if she could spare a roll and they were in the same boat as I dragged myself to town! Ended up finding so much stuff!! That's what happens when I'm kidless!! I spent 2 hours in there!!! GAH! I did discover, I'm down another pant size!! This excites me to no end! So I got a new pair of shorts...with 8 *EIGHT* pockets! Perfect for when I go camping in 10 days!

I got home about 6:30 and we got dinner going right away while I was trying to put groceries away...of course, at this particular time, Belle manages to get outside (with no help from the kids either) and runs!! At first she's in the neighbour's yard...and Max almost had her still enough for one of us to grab, but she's getting faster! And then BOOM, she's off to the park!!!! We chase her, grab her, walk her back and put her on the trolley. Whew!!! Back to dinner prep! Since the kids weren't eating steak with us, I got them started before us. They appreciated that! About a half hour later it was bed time for them...and off they went with visions of VBS in their heads!

I then got everyones breakfasts made so if we're running late on time tomorrow, it can be eaten in the truck on the way to VBS...we have to be there by 8:20! YIKES!!!! I'm trying to think of this as school prep!! Another 30 sleeps and this is reality!! Ay yi yi!! It wasn't til 10:30 that I finally got to sit I watched Drop Dead Diva and shut the tv off....and now, I'm about to shut the blog down and go to bed 2 hours early!! Here's hoping I sleep!! I should, the book I'm reading is kinda boring to me! The Secret Life of Bees...I'm struggling. But everyone who commented on my status on fb loved I'm plowing thru...

Til next time...God bless!

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