Friday, August 12, 2011

4 days in and I'm feelin it!!

This morning I was the one to wake before the alarm...6:45 and the bladder goes off! UGH!!! Remind me not to make up the water intake difference that late at nite will ya!! So I laid crawled back in bed til it was time to get DJ up....I checked on SamSam and while she wasn't fevered anymore, she and I were staying I called Kay and asked if she'd still be able to pick DJ up...she's our closest church friend, and sure enough, she was good to go! So I woke him up, and got him breakfast.  Then we waited outside for them at the bottom of the driveway to make it easier. At first he was very trepidatious about getting in her vehicle but the desire to see his friends at VBS won out and off he went!

I came back in the house and thought about laying down til Sam got up, but that didn't brain was wide awake!! Just after 8 she came out and was perfectly fine!!! I then got Belle up and potty'd and then we did breakfast....where she ate cereal and had apple juice!! No problem! So we puttered our morning away, sitting together watching Caillou and me working on the computer while she watched Caillou...I want her OUT of this Calliou phase!!! About 10:30 I grabbed a shower as I wanted to leave by 11:30...which didn't happen due to a phone call about the accident and insurance we ended up leaving at 5 to 12 and I was to get DJ at 12:15...we made it! Whew!

Got him picked up and headed to the Mr Dizzy automotive....the brakes on the Jetta were VERY due to be today was the day! I'd packed up a lunch for us and the kids remembered the last time and that we took a walk to a nearby park, so I said we could do that. Well, they were MUCH faster today than last time and by the time the kids were done eating, they only needed another 15 minutes...SWEET!!!! It was only 1:30 and I hadn't planned on going we did! DJ stayed out to play, and so did Sam til she got sent home by K who told her she was fevered, and she wasn't but she came home anyways....and watched Caillou...I was able to grab a power nap twice while it was playing.

At 4 we headed back into town for my massage appt....Howie was already waiting for us and took the kids home while I got worked on. She KILLED my butt again...but man, I do feel the looseness of the hips after that! Sheesh!! Got home and we started the dinner process....and because it was a bit late, Howie helped out with the bathing part of the day and gave DJ a shower while I bathed SamSam. Got them both in bed and got to work making lunches for tomorrow. Howie went to bed early and I was still workin away. It wasn't til after 10 that I got to sit down!! Watched the rest of Covert Affairs and then Royal Pains, which was quite funny! Now the dishwasher is running, the puppy has finally settled down after having the cat chase her (that was funny) and my eyes are quite heavy!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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