Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Graduate

This morning the tv was set to a different channel....and they didn't wake me til 8:30...kinda nice!! lol But tomorrow I'm settin the alarm for 7 so we can start getting into a school routine...more for me than for the kids at this point. For breakfast the kids wanted fried eggs like I've been having, so I did those up and they each got some toast to go with it....yummy start to the day!

From there it went downhill a bit....it was rainy out so they were kind of stuck inside with each other (DJ did try to go next door) and the fighting was just awful! When does school start again???? I tell ya! I keep saying, if there's tears on the first day of school, it'll be tears of joy....and now that I think about it...it'll be Sam crying since she won't have DJ to bug!!

Then to make it more interesting....and thankfully after lunch!!...the water was shut off! I had no notice it was going to happen...if I'd had that, I wouldn't have been running the dishwasher at that time, I'd have waited. SO frustrating!! I hadn't even put my contacts in at this point yet! Thankfully I had water reserved on the counter....for the dogs, and for me...so I was able to wash my hands.

We then headed into town...first stopping at the shed so I could get the books out...then we dropped off some Avon books to the pizza place...stopped at the fruit stand I hardly get to drive by and got some blueberries and cherries (YUM)...then to the post office where the police presence was massive at the bank (come to find out, it had just been robbed!!! Who robs a bank that's less than a mile from the cop shop!?!?!) but I got in and got out no problem....then to the co-op to drop off more books, then to Freddy's to get more pickling stuff for the rest of the peaches...then to Goodwill to drop off the books (that guy was SO slow I did more than half of it just to get gone!) and then MY bank to do a deposit, which took forever in line!  Howie would have loved me to stop at the dollar store, but there wasn't enough time! It was already 4:30 when we were headed back home...and I had Belle's last puppy class today!

I got home, unloaded, started the bbq and tried to keep calm....dinner was shovelled in and then Belle and I were off!! I stopped at the swing park on the way to let her run off some of her energy...I should have grabbed ball...live and learn!!! We got to class and only 2 of us were there...now we started off with 6 dogs...the two labs never came back after the 2nd class...the itty bitty dog, Zoe, wasn't there last week or this week, and now the Rotty, Freja, wasn't there tonite due to injury and she was on crate rest for 2 weeks...poor thing! So that left Zipper and Belle to do the test and pass. We did some light agility training too...going thru a tunnel, jumping over a board, and other things....so her final test was to start walking, stop, sit/stay and walk around her with a loose leash, then walk and jump over the board, walk a bit more, stop, down/stay and walk around her with a loose leash, go thru the tunnel, do the pylon weave and that was it. Then she had to stay on her mat for a whole minute...she rocked that!!! Whew!!! And that was it! Puppy class is over, and she graduated!!! I even have the paper to prove it!! lol  I'd love to put her in formal obedience, but I think we need some time in between...she's still peeing everywhere....football is about to start....I wanna put SamSam in a dance class....so many things! We need more money!!!!! lol Who doesn't!?!?!!

I stopped at the dollar store on the way home to do some shopping, and then finally got home about 8:15....I was greeted by the kids and Snickers...so in we went to get pj's on as it was bed time!!!! Yet it wasn't til 9:30 that I finally said good nite to Sam for last time, she'd had a wee nap this aft and it messed bed time up for her...DJ on the other hand was out before I got to him. Howie was in bed before I was done tucking Sam in too!!

With the house nice and quiet, I got to peach pickling....what a LOVELY smell that is...I think I'm in love with cloves!!! They're heavenly!!! Once the peaches were in the jars, I finally got to sit down and watch tv...and of course I chose the Bach Pad...so awful that Jake got voted off!!! Kasey is the one who needs to be GONE!!!!!!  He creeps me out!! I applaud Michelle for choosing to opt out of the kissing contest...she sure is coming off in a different light this round!  In the end, bye bye Melissa (DRAMA QUEEN!!!!!) and William, who flew too low under that radar!! And now, bye bye to me....

Til next time...God bless!

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