Sunday, August 14, 2011

ShoesDay should be a real day!

DJ dubbed today Shoesday...and it fits!!

This morning the kids loved me enough to sleep in past 8, and because I loved them enough to leave them sippy's in the fridge, they left me til I got up at 8:45! LOVE it!! (Said like Weezy in Dragon Tales) At which point we did breakfast and start getting dressed for the day. We had A LOT to do!!!

First up, a stop at my hearing aid drop off an order, books and my dead hearing aid...oh, and to use some interior decorating store's bathroom...poor SamSam! The lady was gracious and totally understood!  Then we went to Seattle...this little shop I've been following on facebook was having a 15.00 boot in cowboy boots!!!! One thing missing from my attire! I thought I'd be meeting my g/f  Shirah there, but instead we went to her place (she's super close by) and had lunch and used her potty (why is it both kids can't go at the same time!?!?!) Then we headed to the shop...I tried on all kinds of boots...high ones, short ones, mid ones...and settled on a mid calf boot in black suede...simple but elegant! My fat calves will probably never let me wear a high boot, sad, but have to accept it! *sigh* But hey, I did get a pair of boots for 15.00! And when I showed them to Howie, noticed that they were BRAND NEW!!!!!! The soles were spotless!!! Even better in my eyes!!! :)

The kids were excited to get some for themselves, so we went in the store (the boot sale was outdoors) and they had NO kid boots at this location...but at her other store...they did! So we headed there....can't not go considering we're never in this area often!! Found the store and found them each a pair of how excited they were!!! Get them all rung up and find out they ONLY take cash...grrrrrr I was 5.00 short of the total the end, we put Sam's back (she does already have a pair) and got DJ some new boots....oh he was happy!!

From there we finally got on with the Avoning!! DJ was my book runner today...if it was just a book, he'd run it to the door, but if it was an order, I'd do it...worked well!! Once we were done the Avoning, we stopped at Walmart (where else?!?!) to get 3 things...that's it, THREE hour later we were checking out and I realized the main item we were there for wasn't in our off we went to get it! Then as we're checking out, I either had the dumbest cashier, or I totally missed the signs saying 50% off...either way, I got an 18.00 pair of jeans for 5.50!! And a 15.00 pair of boots for Sam to grow into (2 years maybe) for 1.50!!! That's just nuts right there!!! Each of the kids got running shoes...DJ got two pair, one for school and one for other times...and Sam got a new pair of runners too...both of them got light up ones...they picked them! Sam had a choice between Dora and Princess, chose Princess...then a choice between Princess and black/pink ones, chose the black/pink ones and then the black/pink and the light up ones....TOTALLY picked the light up ones in one second flat! No hemming or hawing, she was done! She knew what she wanted! It was cute!

The hart part of the day...keeping the kids awake on the way home!! They were quite goofy, which often leads to fits of giggles and then silence while they doze off...NOT happening today! Once Sam got drowsy, but I got her awake. Since it was quite a bit later than I'd wanted it to be, and Howie caught a bad salmon that was full of worms, we did Teriyaki for dinner! I called it in and picked it up on the way home. We left everything but dinner in the car and came in to eat. THEN the shoe showing off happened! Boy, its cute that they think they run faster cuz the shoe lights up! SO cute!!  Baths happened once the shoes were put away and then bed time! DJ was out before I could get to him, and then Sam was instantly after that!

While they slept on, I headed to the shed to see what came in was only 8;50...but man its gettin dark fast again! As I was coming in the driveway, my friends Travis and Anneke were headed he warned me of the ornery raccoon that's hiding around the shed...and that he's hungry as he growled at Travis just minutes ago. Yeah, NOT what I wanna hear!!! So I bid them goodbye and head to the shed. I park on an angle with my high beams pointing to the open space and on the lock...quickly run to the lock, and with each number I put in place, I'm looking off to see if there are eye reflections...totally freaked out! I get all the numbers in place, and it won't open!! GAH! I run to the car and call Lara, whos' one of the managers, and see if there's been a code answer. So I call Anneke since she was just there and ask if it had changed. She said no, but that it was open when they got there as someone else was there. So I run back to the lock to double check my numbers and I swear to you, I heard growling under the shed....yeah, I hightailed it back to the car! I was gonna wait til tomorrow to go, but Travis offered to come back and help me out. So I waited patiently. While I'm sitting there, checking my phone and then checking out the window, I see a rat the size of a kitten...I kid you not!! This thing was HUGE!!!! *shudder*  Travis and LT get there with a flashlight and check the perimeter first and then let me in. Whew! Did my shopping and he escorted me back out...even tho he didn't see a raccoon anywhere while I was in shopping.

It wasn't til I was home that I got the email about the lock code change....oy!!

Once Howie went to bed, he was whupped from getting up so early, I watched Sweet Home Alabama...which seems to be the total opposite of The odd really! Then I watched Suits, which is fast becoming one of my summer faves! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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