Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Butterflies have landed!

This morning I had the driest mouth EVER!!!!!! So much so that I had to feel it for my self with my fingers....completely barren of saliva! I could feel every tentacle (no other word to describe it) on the tongue individually! SO weird!! And it took me a bit to generate anything to get the tongue to stop being its own entity!! Howie had just gotten in to bed after a nite at work, so I got up and did the potty thing, as I was getting dressed I heard DJ open his door and sent him to the living room...took Belle out and we waited for Sam to get up. Then we snuggled while they watched Wipeout...yeah, their newest obsession! DJ loves it when they get smacked around and knocked into the water. oy!

We did breakfast and then I kicked them outside....once the screaming started that is! They KNEW daddy was sleeping mere feet away from where they were, and did not listen to my warnings, so out they went!! Belle too for that matter! Kick 'em all out!!!! I then puttered and played my word games on the computer...which is how Howie scared the ever living crap outta me!!! Sneakin up on me as I'm trying to beat Michaela at Words With Friends (think Scrabble) oh the adrenaline was pumping! I'm far better at doing the scaring than being scared! lol

I then made us lunch and then the kids came in and asked for quesadillas...which had Howie crackin up that they even knew that word let alone what it meant!! haha And it wasn't from Dora either!!! The way it started...they wanted pizza, but no sauce....which on a technicality is a quesadilla....esp when I make them on I taught them how to ask for it properly! And now, when we eat Mexican, they'll know what to have! :)

The afternoon flew by!! I hopped in the shower to wash for the massage, but didn't wash my hair as I also had a hair off I went to town for the massage for 3 (I thought it was for 3:30, but Howie knew it was for 3) and then he met me there with the kids and we headed to Anneke's to get my hair coloured and my eyebrows done pretty. (butterflies just fluttered!) I also bought a feather yesterday at Ben's and Anneke put it in for me! Oh I LOVE it!!! So exotic!!! So not me!!! lol

Then we came home and I dropped DJ off and Sam and I went on to get dinner....apparently Howie didn't feel like cooking, so we did Teriyaki least the kids' dinner was a freebie! We got home and ate right away...then I watered the garden and the kids and I went to the shed to meet up with a g/f who had my cleaning paste from her Norwex show. Then we came home and did the bed time wrangle!! Howie vacuumed while we were gone so the place looks decent for the babysitter (more butterflies!) tomorrow while we're at the concert!

Speaking of...I may not be blogging again til Monday nite...tomorrow evening Howie and I are off to Snoqualmie for a Blake Shelton concert...and then we part ways and he comes home while I go on to Oregon the next day (spending the nite at a g/f's house tomorrow nite) for a 3 day country music festival!!!! SO excited for this weekend!!!! Hence the non-blogger status! :D That's forgivable right!?!?!  This is why the butterflies are present....I get to meet Blake tomorrow nite (they just fluttered) and then again on Sunday nite when he plays in Oregon!  WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO gonna be an awesome time!!! I'll tell ya all about it when I get back...gotta get back to packing!

Til next time...God bless!

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