Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summertime = Skinned Knees

This morning both kids were in bed with me for a few minutes til the whining started...I swear, they're getting whinier by the day!!!!! The sun wasn't quite out when we got up (just hiding, not that early!) and by 10 or so it came out.  We had a list of errands to complete, so at 11 I got us started heading out the door. I nailed that...I wanted to be on the road by 11:30 and it was exactly that by the time we were on our way!

First stop was in Sultan to drop off an Avon order and some books at the pizza place I leave them at. Done! Then on the way into town, I stopped at a fruit and veggie stand to see what they had. I'd been there about 6 weeks ago and they had they had LOTS!!! Since DJ forgot to wear shoes, he stayed behind while Sam and I went in. I got some cherries, cucumbers and avocados...YUM!!! 

Next up was DJ's school to make a payment on his education...kinda hurt, but I do know its for the best in the long run for him. He's SO excited and its only a month away!!!!! YAY!!!!! Then we went and got the pizzas for the run....did some banking, at which we also opened accounts for the kids, they're happy about that!...then dropped our extra pizzas off to Boys and Girls club (they were THRILLED) and then finally to the shed to drop off the pizzas.

We got home and the sun was out in full force! I got Belle out of her crate and put her on the trolley while I made myself some lunch....the kids had pizza, so they were happy! The boys next door were out and so DJ joined them swimming...Sam tried to join them in the kiddy pool at the base of the stairs, but came in to do some more whining. She got changed out of her suit. Then noticed the sprinkler was on and got back in it. Got wet and changed out of it. Decided she wanted to go outside again and got back in it. All I could do was shake my head!

Howie came home and I took the kids to the swing park with the dogs...Jessica and her mom were there so she and I chatted while the kids played. Then we all walked back home to do dinners. After dinner I showered with the kids and Howie got them dried and jammaed. Then they went to bed and I finally sat down for a bit.

Oh, before I took the kids to the park, I was hopping over the gate we have to keep Belle from going downstairs and what do I do...take the gate out, but catch myself on the half wall before going down with the gate....but not before skinning my shin up pretty good!!! OUCH!!!!!! It still hurts!!! The shower helped a bit, but dang!!!

Howie went to bed shortly after 9 as Belle made a lot of noise last nite apparently and woke him up several times. I heard nothing! Poor thing! And yes, poor Howie!!! I then ended up watching Take The Money And Run...which seems like a dumb show to be honest...if I don't catch it again, I won't feel like I'm missing out! Then I watched some stuff in dvr. I got the last shirt done for VBS and that feels good to have it done. Belle was too busy wanting to play with me for me to take my knitting out...argh!!

Day 2 of phase one was tough again...not so much during the day, but at nite! I run out of good snacks to eat to keep the hunger at bay!! Sheesh!!!! I may modify it tho after one week and see how I do...

Til next time...God bless!

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