Saturday, August 6, 2011

First Party Success!!!!

This morning I woke up SORE!!!!! Oh so sore from the massage yesterday!! ALL over my back and butt! Of course, it didn't help that I was sandwiched in by the boys...and when that happens, all of a sudden it feels like 150 degrees under the covers I'm trapped by...hate that feeling! I finally got up just after 7:30 so I could pee...and that prompted them to head out to the living room with the dogs...and I stretched right out and kicked off covers!! Ahhhhh

Then it was 9 and I was woken up by Howie in the shower...he didn't want breakfast, so I was on my own for that and off he went to work. The kids had just eaten but Sam was struggling with her cereal...she really doesn't like Shreddies (bestill my broken heart!!) and so it sat, all mushy...I added some sugar and some more milk and she ate a bit of it. Then she wanted my tomorrow, when its just her and I, I'll make her some eggs for breakfast!

At 10:30 I started preparations for leaving the house to go grocery shopping at wasn't til 11:30 that we were actually on the road!! Got in, got the stuff, and checked out! There weren't too many sampling people today, which was fine, got us out quicker. Then we loaded up the truck and headed home. After I unloaded and put stuff away I got our lunches made. Once DJ gobbled his down, he was off to play outside. Sam however, enjoyed being inside and pretended the hearth was her stage and sang me lots of was darling!

The rest of the afternoon kind of disappeared really...before I knew it, it was dinner time (I'd made chili since it was a cooler day here) and the kids had the chicken from last nite and then Gina came to train me a bit on Norwex as my first party was tonite. I love how DJ greeted her "Hi Miss Gina, we're my mom's kids!" oh that cracked me up!!! Her too! We did a half hour of computer training, and then headed next door to set up for the party.  Since I really didn't pay that much attention at my show (I was monitoring kids) I had pen and paper for this show to take copious notes! She did include me in some of the testimonials but won everyone over with the cleaning paste and the carpet stains...which is what won me over in the first place!!!

After everyone left, we added everything up and it was a good two bookings!! YAY me!! One for this month and one for next month! I can do that! She then walked me thru closing a show and headed home. Then came the chore of putting kids to bed...wound up, brownie filled kids!!! Howie was at least at home, but not really helpful as he was eating dinner...since it was so late, we just brushed teeth and they went to bed. DJ in his clothes as he's goin fishin tomorrow with Howie. SO excited he is!!!! And he's wearing his new shark shirt from the zoo since he's fallen in love watching them on tv during shark week. Crazy kid!

Speaking of Shark Week....while I was entering the Norwex order, he was watching sharks...and told me that when we get to Cali next year, he's perfectly okay NOT swimming in the ocean there....which is my thought about any non-chlorinated water in the first place!!! ha! After he went to bed I watched an episode of Rookie Blue...somehow my dvr isn't recording it, but thankfully its in On Demand...just means there's commercials, but not a lot of them...and they've rigged it so I can't even use the fast forward button! Seems they caught on to us commercial haters! lol

Til next time...God bless!

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