Saturday, August 27, 2011

So much for THAT plan!!

This morning I woke up to DJ at my back and Howie at my front....I hate these kinds of sandwiches! I awoke again and Howie was up for work, so I rolled DJ over and covered us both up. THEN I finally slept well! Sheesh!!

When we got up for the day, the discussion was all about going to the fair, which is in town, and opened I semi started making lunch, and letting some bread thaw for sandwiches (I like this kind!) and the kids took FOREVER to get dressed! Good thing we had til 3 pm to get in for I didn't push them to get dressed. DJ fought me on what to wear as he wasn't keen on his "going out" shorts...he wanted play shorts! Then he invited K to come with us before even talking to me about it! And since I was going to have two walkers this year, I wasn't keen on trying my hand at 3 I declined.

By noon DJ was a hot mess...and the heat wasn't I told him we didn't HAVE to go to the fair, and we could wait for another day...he liked that idea and quickly changed into his swimsuit...rascal! I pretty much didn't see him for the rest of the afternoon...Sam on the other hand was bummed we weren't going...and was placated with Caillou. I then got to work on some Norwex stuff as I'd like to be prepared for Tuesday! Oh, and my Avon came in, so I got that dealt with....and tried on my new boots and dress, yes, me, a dress!! It's super cute tho! Might even wear it on Sunday for church...we'll see.

The afternoon dwindled away in the heat and before we knew it, Howie snuck in the house undetected!!! Then we sat outside where it was cool on the back deck and which point DJ came running in asking if he could go with the neighbours to D's football off he went!  That left us lovable SamSam...she enjoys being the only one getting all the attention!  We did dinner and then she and I worked in the garden. Apparently I can grow peas like nobody's business...and I don't even like them!!!!! We ate the green beans I picked last nite for dinner...and today I got all the romaine lettuce up...and my mini onions....why is it some grows well, and others don't???? Grrr

My tomatoes are ready to ripen....I should have a couple million grape tomatoes when all said and done...its about 6 ft tall and still flowering!!! The cukes are finally starting to do something, as is the squash...and I noticed that I have one green pepper growing!!! I'd almost given up on it! The carrots are coming along nicely and so is the corn finally. The pumpkins, are phenomenal!! We should have 20 pumpkins judging from the flowers that are there now...and we've already got 3 softball sized ones....this excites the kids tremendously!! And really, pumpkin growing is in the blood after all!!! :)

DJ got home shortly after 8 and asked to sleep over next door...I said sure since he's never actually made it over nite there lol...and he didn't tonite either!!! No sirree! It was just after 10 when he came home crying...the movie they were watching (Fivel Goes West) scared him and he didn't want to stay there....oy! Got him in bed and went back to labeling my books for the next Avon campaign while watching Suits and Necessary Roughness. Now, I'm still too warm for my liking, but enjoying the non cold feet aspect of the heat and heading to bed!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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