Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I should have stayed in bed!!!

This morning I woke up feeling the worst!!! Stuffed up and running again...but man my throat hurt! More so from breathing all nite with my mouth open I'm sure. I also had that manly voice thing goin on...yeah, so fun! The kids at least took pity on me and let me stay in bed til I got up just before 9...they had only gotten up at 8:30 themselves, so that was nice of them.

We did the breakfast thing and even tho I'm done on phase one, I'm still gonna keep the breakfasts the same as I know I don't need the carbs in the mornings....and I'll have cereal on the weekends when Howie's not here. That works for me! That and Samantha really enjoys eating my eggs with me! :)  After breakfast DJ went in search of playmates...and found none. In fact, I'd stepped outside to see where he was and he was sitting dejectedly  on our front lawn just waiting patiently....it was so sad for me to watch...but at the same time, he was content to just sit there. Just as I was gonna call out to him, Jessica appeared at the end of our driveway and came running up to play with him.  He hopped right up and took off running with her. Just what he needed! And what I needed to see for him. I pray school isn't this tough for him...and remind myself that he did great in VBS! Man, parenting is tough!

Samantha decided to join them for a bit....but then came in to check on me. And then begged me to come to her salon...so off she went to ready things and "call" for me. SO cute! I went in and she was all set up to do my hair and make up (Gasp!) On Saturday my g/f Shirah had given SamSam a beauty set that had nail polish, lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow and hair things...so I took most of it away as I don't want to tempt fate...and she IS only 3! So she got to keep the face powder and puff thing...which I then wore ALL OVER my face! I do mean all over!! She applied it with the puff thing, with her fingers, with the eye shadow brush, you name it!! DJ came in and started helping her!!! Then DJ said he'd give me a massage and I should lie down...so I did...which turned into Sam doing the night time routine with me...asking me what my fave part of the day was and "reading" me a story...then they tucked me in and left me there! I won't lie, I did doze off!!

An hour later they came and got me to show me some cars they found....which were the love bugs Howie and I got early in our relationship...so I reclaimed them and put them away. We then took the dogs to the park as I wanted Belle to be worn out for puppy class...she listens better! Jess came with us as she'd come back over after her lunch. Everything went fine til DJ tried catching a ball instead of the dogs and ended up rolling/tripping over Belle and hurting her back leg...we then headed home so Belle could rest up. The kids kept on playing and I came in to tidy and make dinner. Howie was at his massage and that meant no bbq'ing...and I didn't have enough pancake mix to make that, so I settled on french toast. I got whole wheat, and everyone else got the cinnamon raisin bread. I quickly ate mine and headed to class.

It wasn't til I got there that I realized I'd arrived without treats...poor Belle! Tonite was more of the same and practicing and practicing...the "leave it" command is tough! But oh so necessary! She gets it, but then when they up the ante and put treats on the floor, that is just torture!! She did well with going to the mat, and staying there for about 30 seconds, but we're supposed to get to a minute by next week...and quite honestly, we don't do the mat thing, so I'm not working on that...sounds bad doesn't it? I should, but she keeps chewing the mat I have for her...so that's not gonna work! She is a rascal! The new thing tonite was working on "wait" when at a door...that way they don't go running out of the house the moment its opened...which is the theory....thankfully we have the gate to ensure that til she gets it!

I got home and got in the kids to bed mode...Howie helped with teeth as I was quite worn out! Once in bed Howie put on the CMA thing I watched last nite...and I read in between watching it all again...can't help it! lol Then he went to bed and I watched Bach Pad...and Ames totally won me over!!! Oh it was the sweetest thing to watch him run after that limo Jackie was in and leave the show to be with her even tho she was the one voted off!! SO sweet!  And that "in the dark" date would have creeped me right out!! More so if there had been people in the dark reaching out and touching me at the same time I'm so spooked! No thanks!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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  1. Hey you! How are you feeling? Hopefully better! Sounds like Bella is making life as crazy as ever. I think it's good you are training her. My lab is very well-trained, but I let it all slide with the other dogs. What a difference!


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