Monday, August 29, 2011

I learned something new!

This morning DJ came in to me before 7 so I made him go back to sleep...which he did willingly! Then we were both up at 8:30 and ready to start the day....Sam was too as we woke up to her calling out for me to wipe her up.  I got dressed and took Belle out and then did breakfast with the kids. Sam has been enjoying my eggs in the morning, so today I made her her own fried egg...she gobbled it up! Love that! 

We got to church on time, and discovered I was NOT in nursery like I thought I'd agreed to! And since no one else Sam's age was in there, she chose not to be and sit with DJ and I...her time's coming, but today she wanted to draw sitting next to me. Good practice for her I guess...but dang!!  DJ was extra fidgety and just rude at some points....glad we were in the back row or I'd have had rosy cheeks with embarrassment!  Once the service was over I did some Avon distributing and then we headed to Freddy's to get some fresh food...and kitty litter, it was simply a MUST!!

Got outta there and home by 1...and I got lunch started for us. I'd tried calling Howie as he was out fishing with a guy from work and his daughter....they caught 19 fish in total!! That's just nuts!! Howie got one for our dinner and I was more than ready for some brain food!!! He got home about 2 and got right into cleaning the boat....I was trying to deal with peaches!!!!! Even tho we're eating them up fast, its just not fast enough and I don't want them to I searched and asked for peach recipes. I'd already decided to do some sugar free jam...but found a regular pectin in the cupboard and instead did a batch of freezer jam.  Then a friend (and one of my devoted readers) suggested pickled peaches. I'd never heard of such a thing! So I looked up some recipes and found a super simple one! Got one batch ready to be jarred right as dinner was culminating....and realized my peaches are too big for the jar I had wait and let them cool to halve them and get them done. It was so quick I did another batch! I ran out of vinegar, and used up all the borrowed cloves and cinnamon....but still have 13 peaches, so I'll be making more tomorrow when I replenish supplies!

After a yummy dinner the kids went out to play and I went out to water the garden....found two grape tomatoes...but they're far bigger than any grape I've seen!! They're goin in Howie's lunch for sure!! Speaking of...I must get off here and go get that done!!! I watched Drop Dead Diva tonite and then followed that up with a movie...17 Again. Yeah I like Zac Efron, don't judge me!! lol

Til next time...God bless!

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