Saturday, August 13, 2011

Not at all what I planned!!!

This morning was the last get up for VBS...and DJ woke up at 6!!!! SIX!!!!! Of course I didn't look at the clock when he came in to me, and I sent him to watch tv til my alarm went off, but when I checked the clock I was shocked to see it was when he came back in the room to tell me the tv was on the wrong channel, I made him lay down for a bit. But he was too I sent him out again...and then it was 7. I really am beginning to dislike this hour of the morning! I got Belle up and outside before getting SamSam up....and I noticed right away she was in different pj's than what I put her to bed in. So I comment on it and she says something about the sleeves on it, no clue really! And then I feel her bum and she's got no diaper on...ACK! She's dry, but when did the pull up come off!?!?! She said she got up to pee and took it off and didn't put a new one  on....again NO clue when this happened!! She's quiet!

We get to VBS right at 8:30 and head right to our line ups...Sam went into the babies room again and all was well...or so I thought. Get into worship time and she sees me and wigs one of the girls brings her to me and she sits with me for the whole thing. When its time for her to go her class and me to mine, she again freaks out! So I told her I had to go ask my class if it was okay and that I'd come back for her. Well, according to Taylor, she didn't do anything but sit there and wait for me...wouldn't play, wouldn't have snack, just wanted to wait for me. So when it was time for recreation, the crying started and the director came and got me to get her. Full on, can't breathe tears...which calmed down the second she got a death grip on my neck as I carried her to my class. Rascal!

During VBS one of my reps texted me that she hadn't gotten her order yet...which is SO not what I wanna hear!!!!! Howie was waiting at home for my order to bring it to me so we could do the deliveries after VBS...he messaged me that he had to leave for work, and no packages. CRAP!!! So we ate our lunch as planned at the church, the kids enjoy this...and then we came home. It was on the way home that I saw the guy in the ground that I remembered they shut the water off to our entire neighbourhood....NOT cool!! Since I hadn't planned on being home for the shut off, I didn't plan on me being here...which meant, NO water anywhere!!! Nothing! SO frustrating!!

So to kill time, the kids and I took a nap!! It was just me on the couch for a bit as I listened to them playing outside, but then one by one they came in and laid on the couch with instead of falling asleep uncomfortably, I suggested we all go to my bed and they both agreed! SCORE!!!!! DJ was the first one asleep too! Sam didn't take long and neither did I! We slept for 2 hours!!!!! Not what I had planned exactly, but a damn good sleep!

Since it was after 4, and we still had no water, the kids wanted to go on a bike while I was gettin my shoes on, DJ had Belle on the leash outside...and lost her! She's getting stronger every day!! And now, she's too strong for I go chasing and we all find her at the park....bring her back, get the bikes and off we went. Sam's still not solid on riding yet, so I'm helping her as best I can...but the right training wheels is very loose, so I tighten it and she does great for 30 whole seconds and the wheel gave out completely scaring the crap out of her as she lost her balance. She left the bike and walked with me....DJ said he was tired and so we headed back for home. Put Belle on the trolley and got in the car to go blueberry picking.

Went to the shed first to see if they had a pizza for the kids for dinner, they did, the kids were happy, and we were off to the blueberry place. We're the only ones there and the chatty owner comes up to let me know that there's hardly any berries due to a disease...lovely! Well, he wasn't lying!! I barely got a pound of berries!! It was heartbreaking to see clusters of berries where only one is good, and the rest are pruned up at half the size, if not a quarter of the size they should be! The kids had fun tho! There's an old boat in the middle of the garden area that has they were both pirates!

We got home and I started dinner right for them, chili for me. Then they went outside for a bit....and at 8 I started the pj business....and even got their teeth brushed before Howie got home from work. It was 8:40 when he came in, ate his dinner and then both of them went out to "help" him get the boat ready for tomorrow. DJ managed to fall on the gravel and rash up his leg, so that sent him in early...and was the beginning of the end of him...I couldn't get them in bed fast enough at that point. Even then it was after 10 by the time I shut DJ's door...pretty sure he was sleep before I closed it too!

Oh, my Avon did show up and was waiting when we got back from berry after dinner I got it all bagged up and ready to go! Howie went to bed by 11 and I got the tv to myself for a bit. Watched a Franklin and Bash I'd missed, the pilot I think, and it was good! Then watched Necessary Roughness which was also good! Like that it's a non lawyer show!! Now, I'm quite beyond tired as Howie asked me to stay up to wake him up for fishing...he was an hour last last weekend as I didn't stay up...but oh man, I'm whupped! Sure hope the kids sleep in tomorrow!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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