Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I can't breed!!!

Oud my node that is....ugh!! At least not both nodtrilld at the dame time!!

Yeah, that's my life right now....all about the nose, and breathing!! I woke up with such a dry mouth this morning, but I'd take dry mouth over not sleeping any day!! And the kids slept til 9, so that was awesome too!! We got up and got started with the day right away! I was supposed to be at the church for 10 to start undecorating...and we left the house at 10! When we got there, there wasn't much to do but help run the garbage out to the dumpster. I did run into the Awana secretary and we got SamSam a book bag for Awana...just like DJ's!  She loves it of course!! And they had such fun running all over the church while I was in chatting with the girls!

From there we headed to an Avon drop and then to Ben's for another Avon drop...and to pick up some shrinky dink stuff to make some key chains....something I learned all about in VBS! So cool to!! I'd never even heard of them til before VBS and they were explained to me. I also finally got a feather for my hair...waiting til its coloured before I put it in...and may even get Anneke to do it for me so it's done right! :)

We left Ben and went to the bank to deposit the kids' money into their own accounts...I finally remembered to bring it with me! Then we picked up pizza from Lil C's and then got gas and picked up pizza from Papa M's and delivered a BUNCH of pizzas to places we share with before heading to the shed to drop off...whew!! Finally we got home and I got busy making my lunch....the kids had pizza in the truck, but I was starving!!!

Howie got home early as he has a grave yard shift tonite at he came home to sleep...but waited til after dinner. While he was getting acquainted with the pillows, the kids, dogs and I headed to the park. Belle now outruns Snickers  by a mile...but won't bring the ball back to me...she likes being "chased" by Snickers and teasing her with it, then drops it for Snickers to bring it back to me. Quite funny to watch! Wore them all out and I got weary from it all. I hate not being at full energy capacity!

We got back to the house at 8 and once the kids were in pj's we watched some Wipeout per DJ's request. Then they went to bed....I was in the middle of tucking the kids in and noticed Howie was up...he got woken by a cat biting his foot. Yeah, that would wake me up too! So he got dressed and made his coffee and watched AGT before leaving for work. I got busy doing the shrinky dink thing and checkin it all out. Its kinda wild how it works! But for future reference...silicone baking sheets are too heavy for it to work properly...I found out the hard way! Then I asked to borrow/have some parchment from next door and she had some! While over there showing my first finished product, I dropped it on their back deck and it went right thru the crack and down below...only me!! So I came home and did 3 more...with the parchment...and they didn't work out so well...they rolled TOO well and became globs!! Live and learn!  I now have 2 more ready to go but am gonna wait til tomorrow to bake them. oooh I'll try the toaster oven this time!

While doing the craft, I watched Eureka and The Protector....both were great, but didn't have my undivided attention...and Belle has ruined me knitting at nite now that she's not napping as much!

Til next time...God bless!

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