Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not a moment's rest!!

Today was B U S Y!!!! Wow was it ever! I woke up shortly after 8:30 and hopped in the shower to get ready for the day...Howie wanted to leave at 9, but that wasn't happening...they did get gone by 9:30 and I was gone by 10. Howie and the kids went to watch Jake scrimmage with his football team at the school and I went on my Avon route delivering.

The plan was to meet at the school for 12:30 and I was spot on!! Whew!! I even got a mini visit with my g/f Joanne and her daughter who I haven't seen in months it seems!!! Summer sure has been crazy!! Once to the school it was time for the family bbq and we enjoyed ourselves! As I'm in line I start squealing to see my bowl...the one I'd left there last year!!! I even picked it up and had a friend check to see if my initials really were still on the bottom, and they were! YAY!!!! Its the biggest bowl I had/have, so I was missing it for a year! SO glad to get it back!!!

After the bbq we parted ways again....Howie and the kids went home and I went on to bbq/party number 2...this one for Avon...a pool party! I'd taken my swim suit, but wasn't in the mood to get all the way wet, so I just sat on the edge with my feet in the lovely water. Sure was nice! It was a small party, but I did walk away with a few things!!! :) Love my freebies!! And even one for ME when I run out of night cream!!  Even better!

I left the bbq about 3:45 and went to meet my g/f Shirah at a salon to get my tootsies done for my b-day...this is our second year to do this and man did my toes need attention!! I hadn't done anything to them since the last pedi with my mom back in early July! I picked a pretty purpley colour that is bright!! Quite bright!! I'm not ready to admit defeat over summer just yet!!! Gimme more colour!!!  We sat there chatting for a good half hour after they were done and just enjoyed the time together....rather nice!!!

Then we parted ways and I headed home...with one stop at the shed to shop before getting home home....I arrived and Jake was here for dinner!! I'd talked with Howie and he hadn't heard from him, so wasn't sure if he was it was good to see his car here. Howie was just about to put the chops on the bbq when I got in, so I jumped right in with the side dish portion of the meal.  We all ate together and it was good! We talked a lot about Jake's expectations for college and what he's most looking forward to....good to see where his head is at!

After dinner I bathed SamSam and DJ and Jake went for a bike ride....which bothered Sam a little, and so she got in her pj's and headed out with Daddy for a ride....I caught up to them and we went in search of DJ and Jake...found them at the park and pushed the kids on the swings before heading home. Jake left for home and I left for Panera to pick up the food to take to the shed. Dropped it off and came home to a quiet house! SO nice to finally sit a spell!! I watched Necessary Roughness and The Protector. Enjoyed both and the relaxation!

Til next time...God bless!

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