Thursday, August 4, 2011

Its OFFICIAL!!!!!!

I'm now a Norwex rep!!! I couldn't pass this opportunity up and so we joined!! With Howie's blessing of course! I'm so excited to get this going, I already have my first show on Friday at my next door neighbour's house, and really, I'll be shadowing and taking notes from the pro who signed me up! Then I'm wide open til the 30th when I have my next show booked! Then one already in Sept and one already in Oct! SO exciting!! Or would that be Norwexciting!!! (sorry, couldn't resist!) If you wish to peruse my site, click here and check it out!

This morning the kids were great!!! Fabulous in fact! They woke me up shortly after 8 and then left me alone to get up on my own! AND they didn't bother Belle, who's going longer and longer in the crate now. It was nice to get dressed without anyone buggin me!  We ate breakfast and boom, DJ was outside playing...Sam did the drifting and out and in and out....she gets like that. The boys were drawing on the concrete drive and having fun.

Lunch was outside today due to DJ being dripping wet when he came in to eat...and since he wasn't done swimming, he kept his suit on, but walked all thru the house with it...lovely! I enjoyed my lunch inside thankyouverymuch! Then after lunch Sam wanted me to read her a book, so I did just that on the back deck in the sun. Then I tried to just sit in the sun and absorb some Vitamin D...and the mind starts going on about all I should be doing instead of just sitting. The other nite, when I went to puppy class early, it was SO nice to just sit in the sun for a half hour because I wasn't at home and had nothing else to do.

Part of my "to do" list in my head was to move my Avon stuff, and now Norwex stuff, downstairs to my new office...aka, Jake' room, aka, guest room...the bed's still in there, but I've commandeered the table and added some tables to give me more shelving area. I got most of my stuff downstairs, but there's still some up here I can see. I also got the rocking chair out of SamSam's room (that was bittersweet) and down in my office so it won't get ruined in the play room like most things tend to get. Sam was so happy to see it go, that meant her beauty table and book/bin thing could be side by side instead of smooshed up.

Then I tackled the dishes, and laundry and, and, and...finally at 4 I laid on the couch for exactly 20 minutes before I had to get up and get ready for an Avon meeting....which was same old, same old really. One of my reps went, so I was glad to be there for her...and I did win a few things in the door prize drawings :) Gotta love freebies! After the meeting I stopped into Staples to get binders for Norwex stuff...and sadly, didn't see anything else I needed lol

I got home shortly after 7 and Sam and Howie were headed next door to swing on the I put my stuff down and went out to join them and suggest we take the dogs to the swing park....that was acceptable and we all headed there with Belle pulling  leading the way. They ran themselves ragged, both animals and children and then we headed home to do bed time. DJ was completely captivated by Shark Week on the Discovery channel and was just absorbed with Howie sitting in his chair with him. I have to admit, it is pretty interesting!!

Once they were in bed Howie ate his ice cream quickly and quietly while I was snuggling DJ, as he knew I couldn't have any while on phase one...I also can't have fruit, but bought a huge bag of cherries the other day, so I had a handful as a mid afternoon snack as I don't want them going bad. He then went to bed and I put on stuff from dvr to clean it up a bit. Plus, I hate commercials!!!! :D

Til next time...God bless!

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