Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer colds SUCK!!!

This morning I woke up with a runny nose....and at the same time, it was stuffed like nobody's business! NOT a fun way to wake up! Plus, I was sandwiched by the boys....I laid there waiting for one or both of them to get up...DJ finally did at 7:45 and Howie within 10 mins of that! I got up and went pee and shoved a tissue up my nose and fell back to sleep for a bit.

The shower this morning was awesome...cleared me right up...til I stepped out, then I was stuffed right back up again. Only now, I'm beginning to think it's a sinus infection...lovely! NOT good timing at all!! When Howie came in to get ready for church, he informed me that he also wasn't feeling well! Great! But, off we went to church.

Today was VBS Sunday....the kids get to go up on stage and sing the songs they learned all week....DJ got up on stage and just stood there! VAST improvement over last year!!! If you recall...he had his hand down his pants playing with himself during...yeah, that was OUR kid! This year, he had his hands in his POCKETS!!!!! But didn't sing one word!! Ok, so stage fright might be an issue! Samantha on the other hand didn't even bother to get up on stage...nooooo, she did all her dancing in the pew next to daddy!!! I was behind everyone doing the songs with the kids, but at the back! Such fun!! The kids did awesome too!!

After we had a picnic and we stayed for that, but not for too long as DJ started misbehaving...which really he wasn't, he just wasn't listening to Howie. We left and stopped at Big 5 for Howie to get some new work shoes...and me a cooler since I can't borrow Howie's apparently...its his boat one! When we got home, Howie laid on the bed...for three hours!!! I had the kids out in the living room and they were in and out and when in they watched the Phineas and Ferb movie. The sneezes are killin me!!! And the moment I sneeze, the nose runs like a leaky faucet! Yeah, I'm sick! And not even sure where I picked it up either! Blah!

Dinner was low key, burgers and veggies...then SamSam and I went to the shed to shop and do the books, which saves me a trip tomorrow. Then we came home and put kids to bed. Howie started watching the CMA Fest thing on tv with me and went to bed...he's not a very friendly sick person! What man is?!!?!? So, I watched it all and enjoyed it! Especially the fast forward button thru commercials and performances I could care less for! :)  Then I watched Drop Dead Diva and folded laundry. Perfect Sunday nite except for the sickies!

Til next time...God bless!

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