Friday, August 26, 2011

The man with the meat and peaches!!

This morning my first thought once the kids woke me up was "oooh we gotta go get our meat and peaches!!!" so we got up and I got breakfast started, but we didn't get to eat it at all...instead, we were off to a local church to pick up 40 lbs of ground beef and 40 lbs of peaches...which I was splitting with another friend as I don't need THAT much of either one of them!!!

She then told me she and her 3 girls were heading to the lake they went to yesterday, and that we should join them...I gave it 3 seconds thought and said we'd join them!!! So we went home, ate our breakfast, packed up a lunch and headed to the lake!

What fun!!!!! Its a nearby lake, about 20 mins away, and up north a bit, but gorgeous!! We got a great parking spot in the shade and found a picnic table to take over and wait for my g/f to get there...they arrived within minutes and we all headed to the water. Sam was NOT thrilled with the water option! She's definitely not a water baby!!! DJ on the other hand was having a blast! The water was cool, but after a few minutes felt great on the skin. Sam still wasn't buyin it, so she and I headed in to just be in the sun instead.

We stayed there about 3 hours and headed home...perfect afternoon!!!!! Sam fell asleep on the way home and DJ was ready to go swimming again when we pulled off he went! I woke SamSam and we came inside to unload. We were still unloading when Howie got home....and then the dinner chaos ensued.

I found a sugar free recipe for peach cobbler and tried my hand at it...I think I baked it too long tho as it was kind of a crusty cobbler.....VERY tasty tho!!! Definitely will be making more as we have a potluck to attend on Saturday :) And I do have a shitload of peaches!!! While the cobbler was cooling we took Belle to the park and had her chase balls around....which turned into chasing the kids who were chasing the ball...oy! Then we walked up the street to the breeder and said hello...they were outside and enjoyed seeing her as its been a while!

Got home, had dessert and wrestled kids to bed...this heat is exhausting and DJ fell asleep quite quickly! Sam too for that matter, but DJ was out before I could tuck him in....which compared to last nite was a blessing! Last nite he was up every hour til 3 am...and I'd just fallen asleep twice when he woke me, hate that! So tonite is wonderful!  Then Howie watched an episode of Sweet Home Alabama with me, the low rent version of The Bachelorette....I still like it! Even if most of it looks beyond awkward and makes me cringe!! lol

Til next time...God bless!

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