Sunday, August 7, 2011

Can I be done with this day please!?!?!

This morning I woke up to hearing SamSam saying "help me, I have to potty" at which point I hopped out of bed and investigated...but forgot my glasses...yeah, fun. She's laying on the bathroom floor saying she can't get her pj shorts I go pee first since I'm about to bust and she gets mad at me...but she didn't get up off the floor! Go figure! Got her potty'd and got her a sippy cup and went back to bed to lay down and wake the heck up...and Belle wasn't anxious to get out of her crate yet, so I took advantage of that for sure!!

By 9 we were up and eating breakfast...sure enough, she wanted some of my eggs, and I'm glad I added an extra one for her. And she discovered cinnamon raisin bread! I drool at this stuff!!! But that's all I can do is drool! We were out of the house at 10:20 and on our way for a full day....first off meeting a g/f at the shed so she can go thru maternity clothes we got in last week, and so she can see the shed and what its about in case she wants to join. Then we went to the bank to do a deposit...then to a Norwex show of my g/f Jill, she came to mine, so I thought I'd go to hers, I know she was worried about numbers. Plus, it was a good learning experience for me too, since the crowd was older, smaller and quieter. Gina definitely mixes her stuff up about what she talks about....I enjoyed sitting back and learning. Good for me! :)

Then we left there and went to McD's for lunch...I had two side salads as my lunch and Sam got a happy meal with a Smurf in it (Boy that took me back to MY childhood!) and then we went to the church. We were decorating for VBS, but I got there early to go thru the "free" car wash that was raising funds for Uganda. Sam wanted to help them so badly!!!! Another 10 years for that!  We then parked the car and headed in to help decorate. The theme this year is Big Apple, as in New York our fearless leader (Sarah) came up with all kinds of stuff to decorate the room, the best being the graffiti wall she created so that the kids can draw all over it! Its awesome!! And us teachers got to tag the wall first!! hee hee that was fun!

Sam was AWESOME for the 3 hours we were there!!! SO awesome! Oh she made me proud!! At one point she discovered the dry erase board and it was at her height, so she just stood there drawing to her heart's content. By the end of 3 hours tho, she was done! So was I at that point. So we headed for home...with a stop to Albertsons for wine for Howie since I didn't do the regular shopping. Then the shed to see what was there for fresh foods, and then FINALLY home! Where we dove right into making dinner! Howie had caught a small 8lb fish, big enough to feed us, so I'm not complaining! As soon as dinner was done tho, right into the bath Sam went and DJ into the shower. I left while Howie was putting them in bed as I had the Panera run to do.

Got home from that shortly after 10 and it was 10:30 by the time I sat down for the first time to relax all day!! Howie was watching Spartacus, so I caught up on fb and twitter til he went to bed and then I watched Rookie Blue. I'm all caught up now thanks to On Demand and dvr. I must say, I like the little Canadian references to places and things...even how they say "double double" for coffee...SO Canadian!!

Til next time...God bless!

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