Thursday, August 11, 2011

Late nite tv

This morning DJ woke up at 7, and I begged him for the next 15 minutes to sleep...nope! He kept on chattering about VBS and how we needed to get up right away! As if on cue, Sam came out of her room, so we were up!! Got breakfast done for me and Sam (DJ enjoys eating his on the go) and getting everyone dressed for the day. The goal is to leave the house at 7:50, but the reality is that we're in the truck backing out by 8:05, which gets us to the church for 8:25....good practice for school!

We got there and set our lunch in the lunch room and off DJ went to wait in his line while Sam went into the baby room...that was the deal we made yesterday! I also told her regular teacher to lure her over at some point. When I got into the sanctuary for worship, she was sitting on her teacher's lap waving at me! I blew a kiss and she was all good! YAY!!!

It wasn't til our paths crossed again that she fell apart...she was leaving music while I was heading to missions and she became human velcro!!! And would NOT join her class even tho snack time was next for them. So we did the baby room thing again and it worked once again! Not sure what her deal is, but at least she wasn't with me!!

We ate our lunch at the church and then headed to Freddy's for a meeting I had. DJ went into play land but Sam refused...guess she'd been away from me too much already today. She did good tho for my meeting and wasn't disruptive! Then she and I did a bit of shopping and picked DJ up and head home.

Got home and they both stayed outside to play...I literally collapsed on the couch and dozed for a bit til Belle's whining woke me up! Cat nap was all I needed!! I then hopped on and did some email stuff before Howie came home from work. Once he was home he relaxed and dozed too! Even tho Belle did great last nite, we were both still tired! And these mornings are torture when the bed is so cozy!!!

Right before dinner was to be served, the kids came in and Sam sat with me, that's when I noticed she was warm...99.8 warm to be exact! So she got toast for dinner and barely ate a whole bite...just laid her head on the table and did the Nanny was pathetic! So much so, that I took her and put her in was only 6:30!!! And she was out like a light! DJ wasn't too far behind her...he was in jammies by 7:30 and out like a light by 8 too!! WOW!! Haven't had a night like that since before mom and dad came!! Whatever was I to do with myself!! Howie had said he was going to bed early I got lunches ready for the boys (I found DJ a ride for the morning) and got their breakfasts ready and that's when Sam woke up. She needed to pee, but had already peed the pull up, so changed that and tucked her back in.

It was then that Howie went to bed and I got caught up in Norwex stuff on the computer. I submitted my very first order today from the party on Friday nite...yay!!! I'm excited for my stuff to come too!! More so than the starter kit as this is stuff I've picked out!!! Finally at 10 I sat down to watch tv...and caught the season finale of White Collar....WOW is all I can say!! Did not see that coming! I have to wait HOW long to find out!??!?! Dang!! Then I started watching the season finale of Covert Affairs and was just getting to the good stuff when I heard Sam calling out to me. She was burning up, so I brought her out with me and took her temp...she was 100.2, but felt much warmer. She snuggled with me for a bit and when I put on MY show, she asked for Caillou. And yes, I'm such a while she's watching that, I'm blogging and playing Words With Friends...iPhone's version of Scrabble...but a different board...I found it on fb and know that quite a few of my friends play it and I LOVE word games!!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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