Friday, August 5, 2011

Is it school time yet!?!?

This morning was heavenly!! DJ crawled in with me at some point and was still sleeping when I got up at 9...of course he was awake before I got out of the bathroom and raring to go!! I'd left sippy cups in the fridge for the kids, and came out to find Sam in Howie's chair watchin tv...she's so smart!! I took Belle out to potty and put her on the trolley for a bit while we ate...that and she didn't do her second pee which I KNOW she needs to do!

After breakfast DJ got dressed and headed outside to play with the neighbours....Sam took her sweet time getting dressed but once I said she could pick a dress, she was all over that! And dressed in a flash!! She headed out for a bit too, but did the in and out thing again. I puttered for most of the morning and then got busy with dishes and what, I miss my fairies!!!

Once lunch was done I got the urge to we picked up in every room and DJ got started vacuuming his room...I sprinkled the stinky stuff in the living room and went and put clothes away til he was done with the vacuum. Once my turn, he took off and headed outside to be in the pool...his 3rd time for the day! He swims til he's cold and then changes....I swear, his suit will never be dry!! I don't know how he puts on a cold wet suit to begin with! Not my cup of tea!  I even offered a different suit, but he said no....his choice!

Since tonite was crazy busy with meetings everywhere, I chose to prepare dinner ahead of time so Howie could pop it in the oven and make a nice dinner. I tried the chicken pesto bake in the South Beach cook book my mom gave us, and it smelled great!!!! I then grabbed a shower while Sam watched Caillou and DJ was swimming for the 4th time! He stayed behind in the pool while Sam and I headed into town for my massage appt at 4:30...I got Howie's appt as he's not quite recovered from the beating she gave him last weekend.

Today, she worked on more muscles and those related to the hips...specifically, she massaged the shit outta my ass and it HURT!!!!! She also did a lot of lower back work and its tender now, but my neck feels the same as last time...I probably should have iced it earlier tonite!! Howie met me at the clinic and took Sam home and swapped vehicles with me.  From the massage I had a meeting at 6 at church for VBS. I got there a bit early and just sat in the car listening to music and facebooking and being starved!!! The pecans I had before I left the house weren't cutting it!

I wore the shirt I'd made for our class and completely forgot the shirts for the other two teachers...good thing Howie was coming in for and A/V meeting at 7!! I messaged him to bring them, and the salmon we'd frozen for a friend and then an Avon order for a gal I didn't realize would be at the meeting. Our meeting was much shorter than anticipated, so Howie and the kids found me in the room we're using for our class...he remembered everything!!! Even brought me dinner which I started into right away! DJ ate half my chicken, so I'm guessing it'll be one we make more often!! The kids enjoyed being at church with no rules...just being themselves and in play clothes! :)

We left about 20 after 7 and went to the dollar store to do the shopping...I was only gonna get a couple things, but decided to do the whole shopping as it'll save me a trip this weekend...which is jam packed already! We got home and unloaded and the kids got their cream for SamSam and 3 cookies for DJ....I got jello!! lol Then I got Belle out to potty and Howie pulled we both got kids in pajamas and into bed.

I then tried to get Belle to potty again, and no luck, so I kept her on leash and attached it to the sliding door...she started whining bad!! After a bit we went back out and still nothing...back on the leash she stays. Howie then tried before going to bed and still nothing! So this time, I kept her on leash, but held it! She didn't seem to mind it really. A couple hours pass and we go out and she pees right away, so I take her off leash in the house and she enjoyed roaming...but the moment she went behind my chair, I stopped that nonsense and took her out...she fooled around and we came back in...but she didn't get off leash again....she's currently sleeping on the floor behind my chair here on leash....God help me figure this dog out!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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