Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back in the groove

I still must be recovering from the loss of sleep over the weekend...I just woke up in my chair after an hour nap....oops!!

Today was a good sunny day!!!! I wanted to get more done, but it worked out just fine! I got a phone call this morning from my father in law wishing me a happy birthday...we then argued over who knew what day it really was....he SWORE it was today, and I promised it was next week. It was cute! In the end he came out for a mini visit and brought me a card, and the kids some new work books. Sam was thrilled with her Hello Kitty package!!!  I then finally gave him his picture of Samantha he's been waiting forever for and then he was gone.

We did lunch and then headed into town. First stop was to the vet for Belle to get her last shots and get weighed, she now weighs 26.5 lbs!!! Up 4 lbs in 6 weeks, not too shabby!! She did awesome too! They took her back and did it, I thought she was going back for the weight only, but when they came back and the tech was warning me of some soreness, I realized they'd done the shot already...perfect!!

We then headed to the massage place and waited a half hour since the vet was so short...Belle waited in the truck while I got my massage...oh so much needed it!!! I love my masseuse! She took the "air mattress" out of my body and set it all straight again. Plus, I love chatting with her for the whole thing too!! I came out and Howie was in the waiting room with the kids....he was going in for 4:30 and then an adjustment. So we headed home to get dinner going....I stopped at the shed first and did the books and then went home.

I was just putting the finishing touches on the sauce for dinner when Howie came in the I got the noodles going too, and the kids helped me make pudding for dessert. Then we chatted fair stuff as the fair starts here in town tomorrow....and ended up buying tix for Miranda Lambert (aka, Mrs Blake Shelton) at the Puyallup fair next month! Super excited for that!!! Then we bathed the kids and got them in bed. DJ was a hot mess and said his throat was hurting, so gave him some meds and put his fan on and he finally went to sleep around 10. It is rather warm today....the truck said 85 which is warm for up here on the mtn!  I love it! I finally don't have cold feet for a change!! lol  I did grab a shower tho after the kids were in bed to get that sticky sweaty feeling refreshing!

After Howie went to bed I watched tv and took a nap, so now I'll head to the bed and finish those zzz's!!!!

Til next time...God bless!

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