Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If this is what school is gonna be like...

I may be a walking zombie by week 1! ha!

This week is VBS and I'm one of the I HAVE to be there by 8:30...last year was 9, but I was so green that it didn't matter, this year, it matters! So I've had my phone alarm set for 7:15 and the regular alarm set for 7:20 just in case I don't hear the phone one going off...which hasn't been a problem the past two mornings.

The problem is Belle!! She's been having a couple rough nites...waking up almost hourly and whining!! Not to go potty, or because she's hurt, but damnit, it better stop!!! That coupled with the fear that I'm gonna over sleep has me sleeping lighter than usual and it sux!!! Sunday morning when Howie got up, Sam was in the hall on the he brought her into me, which woke her, and then she had to get up to check on Daddy before going back to a 15 minute ordeal! Then Monday morning, DJ's taking over my side of the bed and its only 4:15, and Howie's already gone, so it threw me for a loop...and add to that Belle whining, and its just miserable!! BLAH!!!

Getting out of the house isn't too terrible as long as I prep EVERYTHING the nite before...otherwise, its precious minutes lost doing something I could have done. Monday morning we were right on track (early even) and I set the drinks up on the railing to hop over the gate and the whole thing went down. Tomato juice crashed to the floor and dumped right on the bottom stair....along with my heart! One of the chocolate milks also bust open and was leaking everywhere. I cleaned up the linoleum and left the stairs for later, I seriously had NO time! Swapped out the chocolate milk and left. In the end, we were 5 minutes late for what Sarah wanted us there for, but earlier than Kim, so I was good!

THIS morning, nothing went wrong and we were still 5 minutes late, but still good...I go to drop SamSam off at her class and she freaks out on me!! Much like last year, only this time, I can't sneak away (she got PISSED when I tried that today) and I can't tell her I have to pee and not come back (she suddenly has to go too) so there were tears! LOTS of them!!  She sat with me during worship time, and then I tried getting her to go to her room and she threw a I sat with her and talked to her and finally did the tough love thing and left her in the hallway under the eye of Joanne. About a half hour later the director comes to me and asks how long I want her crying for as its been a half hour already and she's not letting up. GRRRRRRRR!! Sarah says she can come into our room, so I go grab her and bring her in. I won't let her do anything tho, so she sat in a chair while I carried on with my duties.

Tomorrow, she's decided she wants to go in the baby room as I've explained that I NEED to be in my class and she can't be there. DJ was very concerned he wasn't going to get to go...he's made some new friends in his class and is having a blast!! SO awesome to see him shine! And he's actually learning the songs as he was singing it at dinner tonite. Cute!

Now, I must get to bed!!! Its midnite and that's my power down time...I do have A LOT of reading to do as my Norwex starter kit arrived today!! YAY!!!!!! Got all the catalogs done up, and its starting to come together!! :)

Til next time...God bless!

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