Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where do I begin!?!?!?

738  miles
2 states
4 nites
5 days
13 concerts
a few margaritas
300 acre farm
1 broken tent
2 girls roughing it

It all equals one AMAZING Momcation!!!! WOW!

I truly don't know where to begin...Thursday Howie got to go to his first Blake concert...not sure he was as enamoured by him as I am, but that's okay, he's got his boat! lol  I did a get my m&g with him and surprisingly didn't trip over my tongue! He signed a pic of he and I from last December's m&g and was gracious. *sigh*  

That nite I slept on a FLOOR! Something I haven't done in 20 years...and will never do again!!!! That was far too painful! I woke up every 2 hours to change position, and it took 5 minutes to get to another...when I got up, I was like a bowl of Rice Krispies! OUCHIE!!!! We got on the road by 10 and headed to Oregon.

Traffic was HORRIBLE for a regular Friday...a 4 hour drive turned into 7!!! That's just nuts! So we missed the first concert we wanted to see...and discovered her brand-new-bought-the-day-before-tent was broken...the stretchy string stuff that holds the poles together, was NOT there! So we jigsaw puzzled it together and put the tent up. Whew!! Ate dinner and headed over for our first concert, David Nail...I wasn't too fond of him, but at least I can say I saw him live. Diamond Rio was the headliner...and I have to say, I was surprised at how many songs I knew!!!

That nite was crazy loud with all the tent/RV parties wasn't til 2 that it finally quieted enough to go to sleep...but that's when the idiots surface and I was disturbed a few times from slumber. We got up and headed to Albany where my g/f Angie's sister was staying at a hotel...which meant SHOWER!!!!! So we got all cleaned up, hit the liquor store and the grocery store before heading back to the campsite.

That nite the only one I wanted to see was Alan Jackson...but from where we were, we could hear all the acts anyways, and sing along....we did the RV hop during the day...with friends of ours who were also camping from WA and our immediate neighbours who showed up in the middle of the nite the first nite! I was SO thrilled to have limited porta potty usage!!!! Great people beside us, and all their friends too...made the RV hopping easy!

Alan Jackson is gettin old...hate to say it, but its true! The dude can sing, but he doesn't get around on stage like he used to, that's for sure! I wanna say it was 1992 when I saw him in Toronto with Faith Hill opening for him. Its been a while! He had as sold out crowd of 24 thousand!!! Yeah, this festival was HUGE!!!  Thankfully it wasn't as noisy this nite as Friday was....but the vehicle noise was deafening! It was crazy to see them all lined up to get out of the parking lot...some waited 2 hours to move an inch! NUTS!!! I was SO thankful we did the camping thing!

Sunday dawned bright and early...and both days were in the 90's it was quite warm!! Not stifling, but very VERY dusty! We went in search of a shower and ended up at the nearest hotel, which is 5 miles away, and rented a shower room for an hour and both of us got cleaned up. We also ate a hearty breakfast there before heading back to the dust bowl! We also hit up the local Dari Mart to grab sandwiches for our dinner since it was almost noon by the time we were done  eating. The wait for the food was ridiculous!!

The afternoon held a Monster Truck ride for us....they had one on sight that you could tool around in...they had 8 seats in the bed of the truck and you climb up a tall ladder to get fun!! It completely obliterated the shower we'd had, but dang it was fun!! It would have been MORE fun had we had a male driver...just sayin.

That nite's concert was Little Big Town and Blake again....and another m&g with Blake! This time, I wasn't nervous at all!! In fact, we'd taken a little trip to Margaritaville that afternoon. Both us girls were quite giggly and easily pushed over had we been standing up!! ha! Thankfully, by the time the m&g happened, we were both sober again...but I did blame him making me wait in the sun for that business...he apologized and said there was time to get drunk again...yeah, not my style! lol *sigh*  The show itself was FABULOUS!!!! I'd not seen a full on night time concert of his, well, not an outdoor one...and not with 20 thousand people!! Just nuts how many people were there! VIP seating was definitely the way to go!!!

Sunday nite, the vehicle noise was even worse as people were waiting to get out and get home...I don't think it stopped at all! By 7:30 we were up and moving and on the road by 9 for home. I dropped Angie off at her car for 2 and then got home by 3:40 and in the shower. It was pouring down rain, so before I hopped in  I got Belle in to dry off. She was SO excited to see me!!!!

I was waiting for the kids when I got out of the shower, and within minutes they arrived home. BOTH of them played shy with me and were hesitant....wasn't long tho and Sam was my velcro girl!! We did dinner and Belle and I headed to puppy class. She was very wound up for was a tough class!! Only one more and she's done!!!! I will say, her bladder has grown significantly and we're having fewer accidents in the house! Such a wonderful transition!!!! Of course as I'm typing this (literally) she's over there peeing....GRRRRRRRR

Today was reality day....Avon order, groceries, and an Avon meeting. Momcation is definitely over!! Got the dishwasher going, lunch made and my clothes in the wash....good nite!

Til next time...God bless!

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