Sunday, April 26, 2009

Whatta kid!

Today was a good day!!! The kids got a bath, so did I while bathing them....when does that splashing stage stop!?!? I got to tan this afternoon, while it was Sam's turn to have a non-nap...grrrrr And then my sister and her brood came over for dinner...lasagna I made last week. YUM!!! Along with Caesar salad and garlic bread, what more could you ask for!??!! Apple crisp with ice cream for dessert....definite do-over meal!
Even tho her visit was only an hour and a half, it was a chaotic one! Dinner was ready the moment she came in the door as she was an hour late...but that's just Tori for ya! Then the kids all played outside for a half hour after dinner while mom and I cleaned up...and then it was bed time for the kiddizzles....gotta love it!
I'm REALLY looking forward to tomorrow! My good friend Amy from waybackintheZehrsdays is coming to cut my hair!!! I'm giving her artistic license within reason! NO shaving my head bald and NO mohawk! Altho, I'd probably sport one quite well...not happening!

I'm also REALLY getting into Twilight! Even trying to make time to read while DJ's watching his fact, I'm heading to bed early tonite just for that reason!!! I think I'm in chapter 10 or so...I'm just shocked I'm that far already!! Usually I get one chapter a nite read, but this is moving along pretty good! Last nite I barely got a half chapter...I spent my time looking for the book light I read by....I did find two potatoes under my bed, courtesy of SamSam...and then I found the light! Whatta kid!

Til next time....ciao!

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