Sunday, April 5, 2009

We goin' shoppin' Mummy??

Today I got to meet a dear friend of mine who spent my pregnancies online listening to all my moanings and groanings, and celebrating milestones with me. Our sons are 6 days apart and because we live in WA one wouldn't normally think they'd get to meet as they live in NY. As luck would have it, they drove from their home in NY to Toronto to visit family and we planned a little meeting. It was far too short!!! I didn't realize the mall closed at 5 and we didn't get there til 4:30 thanks to nap times! But I am glad that I finally got to meet someone from that particular online mommy support group!! There's 11 of us that have been chatting since we found out we were pregnant over 3.5 years ago now! And dare I say, we have THE cutest kids born in May/June 2006!!!!!
Here's a pic of the kids....Cooper, SamSam and DJ
It sure was fun meeting you guys!!!!

Off to bed I must go!!! Til next time...Ciao!

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