Friday, April 17, 2009

By George....

I think she's got it!!! (Said in my best British accent!) I thought last nite was a dream in putting SamSam down for the nite...well tonite was even sweeter! One little protest of a cry and nothing since! LOVE it!!! She actually went to sleep before DJ did tonite....that "gotta pee" thing is getting old!!!!! Especially when it's just a dribble he's doing....grrrrr
Nap time, however was not as smooth as was easier than yesterday...but still not a successful venture for her. She didn't get to do the stand-up-sleep thing, as I'd put a blanket over the railing so that if she tried to hang on, it would go with her...but she didn't end up doing that either. I think tho, that I'm going to do the same routine for nap time that we do at bedtime...and see if her issue is the rocking chair....who knows!

Today was absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!! I actually had to break out the sunscreen WHOOO HOOOO I could smell that stuff all day long! I really do think I was born to the wrong family....I need one in a much warmer climate! Someday...
OK, back to the kids are loving the back porch! First thing this morning they are both out there playing....forget breakfast...forget getting dressed....we just wanna play! It really was too cute! And my mom in all her wisdom figured out how to prevent Sam's fingers from getting bitten by the door thanks to her brother....tension rod! It works like a charm I tell ya!!!! What didn't work was trying to get them to come in to eat lunch!!! After nap it was much too chilly out there as it only gets morning off we went to the park. DJ was in heaven!!! I kept Sam in the stroller as it's just too busy a park to watch both of them by myself. As we're sitting watching him, Sam's groupies showed up! She literally had 4 boys come over and see gave her a hug...another one gave her a kiss on the nose...and two girls came up and said "Cute baby" and they were barely 2 themselves!!! I tell ya, she's my little superstar! She even reached out to touch each kid as they came up to her just to say "hi"

Oh, I have to thank my sister Tori for this wonderful cold she's passed on to me. My throat is just raw!!!!!! Swallowing hurts, eating hurts, talking hurts...good thing typing doesn't hurt! So, I think I'll actually call it a nite and hit the hay early! Shocking I know! lol

Til next time...ciao!

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