Saturday, April 11, 2009

Look at her!

That has been the most used phrase since Samantha has been born!!!! All the firsts she does and we all cry "Look at her, would you just look at her!" Secretly, I think she thrives on this!!!! It only makes her smile and do it again!
Today's "look at her" the park she climbed some stairs for the first time ever! Yes, I realize she's doing things backwards, and that she's over the age of 1 (to be fair, it's only a few weeks past) but here at mom and dad's there's no stairs for her to practice on. And the stairs that are here, are going down...and wooden...and would be really painful! So we have a perma-gate up and she doesn't get to practice.
My sister Joanne came for a visit this aft to see me and the kids. It was a nice break...for both of us I think. The kids were napping when she got here so we really got a good chat in...while I mopped the
Then one by one, the kids woke up....after much coaxing to get DJ to come out of his room, we told him we'd take him to the park...well, he was IN! And off we went! It's soooooo much nicer to go to the park with an adult for each kid! I chased DJ and she watched Sam. Sam LOVED the swings!! And DJ loved running around! Eventually we ended up in the same area, and Sam being the brave girl she is, tried going up the stairs...and was successful!! I was amazed! She's a natural! Would you just look at her!! LOL

Tomorrow is another sister visit...Tori's coming with her brood for an Easter feast! Which is why I mopped the floors...altho I'll be wishing I hadn't once they all leave! But that's just life isn't it?

The Easter bunny has been and gone....and did a good job I'd say! DJ requested his bunny present be left in the that's where his is! What a kid! I haven't hid the eggs yet as I don't get up with him in the morning (something I'll miss terribly when we go home) so while he's eating breakfast they'll get hidden then!

Here's a couple pix of the kids at the park....

DJ in his shades!! And SamSam in the swing!

til next time...ciao


  1. I love reading your blog, Missy. Its not just your family news, which is interesting, but you have a wonderful way with words, making it such a pleasure to read. You really should consider trying to write something for publication. You have a talent that should be shared. Fiona

  2. why did that post as anonymous? I am such a dolt


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