Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random thoughts

I recently came across a post in one of my mommy boards that asked for prayers for a little boy, and then there was a link for a blog. This blog has captured my heart and touched me in ways I can't begin to imagine!!! I really wish I could do more for this little guy than just prayers, but I'm not financially solvent enough to reach out. I've added a link to the blog on the left side of my page, just in case ya wanna check it out!

Today was a rather productive day!!! DJ finally went "pee from my bum" after 4 days of not! (where else can I talk about this!?!?!!) Sadly it had to come down to a suppository, for which he was incredibly still for (was that really my kid!?!?!) and then just quiet til "it" happened. And boy did "IT" happen!!!!
After that episode off we went to costco. My parents had seen a demo over there about a machine called Vita-Mix and my mom was chompin at the bit to own one! Apparently she'd seen one 30 years ago at the Royal Winter Fair and wanted one, but my dad hemmed and hawed. This time when he asked her if she wanted one, she jumped on it! We came home, set it up and actually used it tonite to make 'ice cream' that was totally healthy!!! And quite yummy too! So this will replace the shakes I've been ingesting for the past 2 months and hopefully increase my fruits and veggies during the day. The samples we had today at costco were AMAZING!!! She put cabbage in her 'ice cream' and you'd never know it! huh! My kids and I do eat alot of veggies, but no where near the recommended daily dose....so they'll be getting it together. And hopefully we'll never have to do what we had to do today to DJ again! I vow to get that boy regular!!! LOL

Ok, off to bed I go...I'm currently reading a book called "The Shack" by Wm Paul Young and it's quite intriguing!!! Just thought you'd like to know what's on my night table...

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  1. Loved the Shack! Got it on itunes for my hubby to listen to on his way to work and he really enjoyed it too!


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