Sunday, April 12, 2009

I have found the cure

For the bed time blues!!!! DJ's blues that is! Noticed it last nite when we did the normal bed time routine, with books, phone calls, prayers, song, snuggles and one last potty...he didn't come out of the room once! NOT ONCE I tell you!! It didn't dawn on me til much later that nite that he'd been the perfect angel at bed time! We've had some nites that were downright frustrating!!! Him coming out 3 and 4 times to "pee from my bum Mum" just to have a chat while he sat on the toilet....or I'd find him laying on the floor outside the bedroom watching tv...little sneak!

But last nite was not the case!!! He went down and stayed down!!! What was the cure? you ask....the P A R K (he even knows how to spell it now smartie pants) Take the boy to the park and let him run wild...and bed time is a breeze!!!!
Today with it being Easter (hope you had a good one!) and my sister and her 4 kids coming over, we decided to take the noise to the park for an hour. Oh DJ loved chasing his cousins round the playground and Aunt Tori loved playing with SamSam on the swings. Came home and had an Easter FEAST I tell you! Momma E can REALLY get her cook on!! Turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli with cheese sauce (the homemade kind), cranberry sauce (again, the homemade kind), croissants....YUM!!! Can't wait for left overs! For dessert...I made banana muffins, and my sis (yesterday's visit) gave us some PC ferrero rocher knock offs, and then my mom pulls out this box of chocolate that my bro gave her last year for Mother's Day...when it was opened my sis found a hair in it...and then the fly the 'hair' belonged to....EW!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, I didn't eat any of THAT chocolate!!!

OHHHHH and the funniest thing to happen dad got a blue tooth!! HA Picture a crusty 73 year old ....walking around lookin like he's one of "those" crazies that talks to himself all day long...and then he'll turn the corner and you'll see his blue tooth....cracks me up just thinking about it! He even modeled it for poor sister must have gotten 50 phone calls from him as she's setting it up for him IN THE SAME ROOM!!!! It was hilarious!!! Probably one of those "had to be there" moments...sorry if it's not that funny to you right now. But he couldn't figure out why it's called a blue tooth, why not green? or red? or white? At least now he won't be weaving all over the road when he's on the phone...oh he's one of them old people drivers too!!! All I can do is shake my head....Now he'll be even more annoying with his constant calling from the grocery store to see if we need this or that...OY! And my poor mother....again, all I can do is shake my head! While chuckling just a little bit....until it's my turn of course to be the one at home getting the calls...
OK, off to do some reading...I'm really REALLY enjoying the book The Shack...even told my sister to get her book club to read it! We'll see if she does or not.

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. wow, tori has 4 kids? holy man!


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