Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Amen! Be End!

This is how DJ ends his prayers before bed....he thinks he's saying The End...like at the end of a book...it's SO cute!!!! Our standard everyday prayer is this: God bless everyone I love, and be with Grampa Hughes, and help us home Washington, and help me be a good boy. And tonite, the little bugger threw in "help you be a good mummy" I'll take those prayers!!! LOL Outta the mouths of babes!

My mom went treasure hunting today...cleaning out her old jewellery boxes...and came across the bracelets my sister and I had as wee little beings....guess who's sporting a new "pretty" on her wrist! There was only one in the small SMALL size and she can't get it off! She refuses to keep her earrings in, so hopefully this will stop those rumours she's a boy! Twice now she's been mistaken!

I had a "first" today.....my first proper bra fitting!!! If you've never done this (ladies only please! LOL) I'd highly recommend doing it!! It was amazing to me to see how WRONG I'd been in previous bra purchases!!! And how RIGHT the proper bra feels and looks! Boy is Howie in for a surprise in 22 sleeps when I show up all perky again! hee hee Didn't buy one tonite as I have a mental block in paying 50.00 for one bra...or two for 80.00 *gasp* Since I'm still nursing, I won't invest just yet! My hope/goal is to go down a cup size!! or two! (don't tell Howie that part!)

I'm getting antsy for Maui!! Talked tonite with Howie about all I want to do in the short time I'm actually in WA both before and after Maui! Still haven't told the kids yet, as that's just too hard on DJ to understand....haven't even decided when to tell him actually! I leave at 7:30 am so that means I have to be at the airport by 6am and hopefully they'll both sleep right thru me leaving...oh I can't even imagine this! As excited as I am for time with Howie and to go to Maui...leaving my babies....GAH! I'm teary now just thinking about it!!! Ok, on to other things...

Wait, there are no other things tonite...guess I'll go read!!! It's only midnite....oooh I should get some good face time with those vampires tonite!!!! :)

Til next time....ciao!


  1. I hope your little ones sleep well for you tonight! ((Hugs))

  2. A proper fitting bra is the bomb! your boobs will thank you! Joanna

  3. I know they will...tried to find one today at Zellers and they don't even carry my cup size...that's just awful!!! I may be forced to buy one of those pretty ones I tried on at Addition Elle...


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