Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 2

Is going...quickly out the window!! With one HUGE difference than I type, my daughter (the Princess In Training) is asleep in her crib. Yes, you read that right, IN HER CRIB!!! That means I have a whole queen sized bed to myself...whatever will I do!! This afternoon was an exercise in futility as far as nap/training went. Boy was it tough! Nursed her in the rocking chair, and she fell asleep after about a half hour (now, normally in my bed she'd be out cold in 7 mins tops!) and when I moved her to the bed, she woke I stayed there with her and every time she sat up, I'd gently put her back down and tell her to go to hour later, I gave in and gave her the other side and she slept for an hour. At which point 10 mins after getting her to sleep, DJ woke up! No time for mum at all!
Tonite, she asked to go to bed (yes, she really does do this) at I thought "sure, that means you'll be asleep before Idol comes on" and off we went. She nursed for 20 mins before conking and when I put her in bed, she again woke up...and started talkin gibberish to me. So I repeated the same sequence as this afternoon, only this time she thought it was a game! Her ab muscles are getting a work out!!! We did this for 10 mins and it wasn't getting any better so I stuck her in the crib.
Cue baby hollering!
And boy, did she holler!!! I went in twice to lay her down and tell her to sleep...realizing after the second visit that it was only escalating her I stopped. It took her exactly 53 minutes to realize this is her bed and she needed to sleep there. Not bad! Especially when I'd read that it could take up to 3 hours for them to come to this realization. THREE HOURS!?!!?! Pretty sure I couldn't handle that!! I'm not super mom!
Since her slumber started, she's had fits and starts in the crib with whimpers and crib kicks just to prove she's still not happy with the decision...I'm trying to decide if I wanna sleep on the couch tonite or in that glorious bed that's waiting for me! Might not get time to read if I go in there...altho, I could always pull that "flash light under the covers" trick...hey, that just might work! hmmmmm

In other dad pulled a "funny" one on my mom...we're watching CSI NY (LOVE Gary Sinese) and at about 10:30 she says "I'm gonna go get ready for bed" and my dad persuades her to hang out for a few more mins. So she does, as she's caught up in the story of it. I kid you not, within 5 mins, HE'S snoring away in his chair!!!!! So she waits til the next commercial to inform him that she really IS going to bed now.
Again, all I can do is shake my head! (seems to be the pattern here...)

OK...only 3 more chapters in The Shack....I really am enjoying it!!!

Til next time...ciao

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