Thursday, April 16, 2009

Proof positive

That you actually CAN stand up and sleep!!!! At least if you're a one year old girl protesting the use of the crib!!! Oh was it BRUTAL this afternoon!!! Did the normal routine and when she was asleep I just put her in the crib and walked out. Where the crib is in my room is perfectly viewable with the door ever so slightly I could check up on her if I want. After a half hour of crying I noticed that she'd started to slow down a bit, so I go quietly to my door, crack it all of a millimeter and peek in...she's standing up, right hand on the rail, left hand on the rung going down and her mouth sucking on the railing....SLEEPING!!!! As I'm watching her, her knees gives out and she jerks herself awake, but not fully awake and then of course crying ensues. I got some of it on video, but you can't see a blessed thing...and I tried taking pix of her sleeping like that, but not using the flash killed the's all black. If I'd used the flash, she'd have really woken up.
Well an hour has passed and she's still doing the standing thing, so I go in there and lay her down....BAD MOVE MAMA!!! She did NOT like that at all!!! Took another 45 mins for her to finally crash! At which point, I'd gone for a tan (Thank you Tori!!) and come back. When I checked on her she was folded in half sleeping with her head between her legs. Poor thing!
When she woke up from this position, she was cranky....justifiably so! YOU try sleeping like that! LOL Took her a good half hour to come around and give me a smile...of course that might have had something to do with putting her jacket on and taking the kids to the park....

Tonite...round two....went smooth as silk!!!!!!!! I could not have asked for a better evening!! As soon as I got DJ down to bed (but, not for the nite as we ALL know two year olds just can't go to sleep...) I nursed her...a good twenty minutes. But this time, instead of letting her get down and play til bed time....I gave her the other side...oh boy, did she like THAT! DJ did his normal chant in the hallway "Mum, I have to pee from my bum!" So I interrupted her and let him potty (just a pee) and then latched her back on. For another twenty mins...she was SOUND asleep!! Survivor wasn't over yet, so I unlatched her (as she'd stay that way all nite if she had her way) and she fussed, so I sat her up and put her in the crook my arm. Her head immediately flopped to one side and we sat like that til the votes were read. And then I got up, put her in bed and that was that. AMAZING no?? Yeah, she whimpered for all of 8 mins....but that was it! No drama, no tears, no screaming....very peaceful!
I feel like we've turned the corner....and leaped a major hurdle all in one fell swoop!

The only really sucky part of the nite was that Grey's wasn't on....blah! Maui is looking better and better now that she's sleeping in the crib!!! Oh, I haven't told you about Maui....*smiles and nods*
Howie's got a "work thing" that all the managers and higher ups do every bond with each other...yeah right!....well this is the first year that spouses get to go! They worked hard all year last year with goals in mind for the company, and if they succeeded spouses could go to Maui with. If they achieved 90%, no spouses...if they got 80% it was going to be California...if they got 70% it was going to be in Washington...if they did less than that, it was no where!
Well they outdid themselves and spouses get to go!!!!! So I fly outta here on the 13th of May, and we fly outta WA on the 14th...come back to WA on the 18th and then I fly back here on the 2oth. And the kids...will be with my parents. There really is no other choice....they don't' know anyone as well as they know my folks...and splitting them up is not an'd be too hard them to have me gone and not have each other. We'll get to talk to them whenever they want to call as we'll both have our cell phones. The time difference definitely works in our favour!

I finished that book, The quickly became my number 2 fave book!!! If you read, GET THIS BOOK!!! The perspective of the author is quite amazing...I just loved it!! Bawled my eyes out last nite too! SO good! OK, gotta hit the hay!

Til next time...ciao!

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