Monday, April 20, 2009

She has arrived!!!

Last nite was the best nite Sam's had since birth!!!!! She slept from 8:30PM to 8:00AM!! Can I get a WOOT!?!?!? Granted she woke up 'round 7ish and had a snack in bed with me :) But I'm just thrilled that it only took a week of her figuring it all out! And me too!!! She likes to know I'm still there when I put her in the crib all I keep my hand on her back and wait for her to drift off and then ever so slowly take my hand off her and scoot out the room! This afternoon I was able to run out for a quick tan while they were both sleeping! Ahhh the joy! Driving in a vehicle with the RADIO on instead of the DVD player! Even better...I took my mom's car!!! It was still nice and warm from when she got home!

Finally got the envelope of goodies from Howie today! Funny how it took a week and I think that's too long! Oh what a world we live in.... In it was the new tabs for the truck...the new insurance card for the truck...and the new medical cards for the three of us. So we're set!

I also happened to look at a calendar and today is exactly 4 weeks since I know for a fact that NVC got my registered where's their reply!?!?!?! C'mon already!!!!! The suspense is killing me!

On a totally unrelated note....there's a show up here called Best Years about a college student named Samantha Best...used to be on on Tuesdays in the fall and now it's on Mondays....well they went and re-cast the lead actress! Why did they do that!?!?!? Part of the charm of the show was the original cast!!! I recognized three other people from the first part of the season....just weird! But there wasn't much else on...blah!

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down....and today was both!

Til next time...ciao! (oh, btw...the til part drives my mom nuts! She thinks it should be till...haha)


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