Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu

Is really giving pigs a bad name!!! They're slaughtering them left right and center I hear. If they rename it...what would it be?? And really, who's gonna know that that's what it'll be chatting with someone and they'll say the "new name flu" and it'll take a moment to sink in and you'll reply "oh isn't that the swine flu?" DONE! Can't change it now! Kinda like Michael Jackson....'nuff said! LOL

Good thing it's not a wine flu...oh man, imagine how many more people would be affected!!! Or God forbid, a whine flu!!!! Now that would be an epidemic!!!

Ok, kidding dad's vet said that swine flu has been around FOR YEARS!!!!!!!!!!! It just happened to make it's break this year thanks to someone, somewhere in Mexico not processing their pigs right.
Funny thing...and I'm not making this up....on the news last nite they interviewed a couple Mexicanos who said they thought the flu originated in the U.S....and then one even went so far as to say it was a Canadian that brought it to their country. Unreal!

Busy day today! Went for a tan (I'm really starting to show colour!) and then to the new (to me) consignment shop with the kids too-small-stuff (they took one of my two boxes WOOT!) and then to A&P for a few items...and then to Home Depot to pick up the BBQ my parents bought to replace the one they gave to my sister. Then home for lunch and naps...I'm quite proud to say that BOTH children slept beautifully during nap time today!!! Sam even had a 1/2 hour nap in the truck this morning too! I got to play around on the 'puter, read and even dozed for 15 mins til my wonderful hubby called to tell me that the phone he dropped in the lake last weekend would be 350.oo to replace! Good thing there was a spare in his drawer!!!! HA!

Once they kiddos woke up from nap, we took off for the park! Beautiful sunny day...I think it go to 60 so it was jacket weather for sure. We got there and there was one other dad and his two boys SamSam had run of the place from the moment we got there. SO cute! It started filling up around 5:30 so we took off shortly thereafter. Dinner was in the slow cooker and smelled SO good!!! Boy were we disappointed!! It was akin to Alpo! ICK! DJ after his first bite said "gross" and while I don't condone the use of that word, man, did it apply!!!! We all muddled thru it, Sam was the only one to LOVE it!!! and then we had rice pudding for dessert...that certainly changed the taste in our mouths! lol Then it was bath and bed....great combo!

And now, it's bed for me!!!! Didn't get to read a lick last nite thanks to Samantha waking up about 10 seconds after I walked into the room!!! (MUST. OIL. HINGES!!!) I spent a half hour listening to her cry, then I rocked her back to sleep, put her in bed, made sure she sighed for me, and then hopped into bed myself, only to have her wake up again. At this point it's 1:45 and I'm exhausted!!! So, I brought her to my bed but did NOT nurse her...she can go the whole night now without! And while she fussed a bit, she went to sleep pretty quickly! All I know is I woke up this morning with her she's GOOD! LOL

Til next time...ciao!


  1. What on earth was in that crock pot???

  2. LOL it was one of those McCain meal thingys....Chicken Ala King....stay away from it!!!


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