Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Old tricks??

Oh it's such a hard thing to do!!! Especially when it's a dawg we're talking about...who happens to be my dad! I think this just might be his first season of American Idol...and he's learned a lot from Randy Jackson...he just hasn't learned proper placement, or whatever it is. The phrase he's trying to use is "that's dope dawg" but he keeps using dope as a noun instead of an adjective. And thinks that dawg is dog...and it's not! LOL

How do you teach a 73 year old man how to talk the lingo?!?! I have a hard enough time deciphering DJ sometimes!!! Be End!

I'm starting to tan up well and getting very excited about what's happening in THREE weeks!!! At the same time, knowing full well that my children will be 1000% looked after in the capable hands of my mother....I'm freaking out about leaving my kids! The one and only time I've been away from DJ was to give birth to Samantha....and I've never been away from SamSam! What if I can't sleep!?!?!! What if I cry more than they do!?!? What if they don't miss me!?!?! Oh the what ifs are horrible!!! At least the time difference will be in our favour!!! Had to do a search online to see exactly what the time diff was and Hawaii is 6 hours behind when it's bedtime here, it'll only be 2 pm there...perrrrrrfect!!! That is until they want to call us at 8 am and it's only 2 am in Maui...NOT kool!!! lol

*yawn* methinks its time to take the contacts out and hit the hay!!! Oh, anyone know how to do links in here? You know, when the word is clickable and takes you to an outside I making sense?

Til next time...ciao!


  1. My husband and I just went on a cruise in November, leaving our kids for the first time (they were 1 & 4 at the time). It's hard but it can be done and I think it's a good thing from time to time. Our kids were in the capable hands of my in-laws and they had a blast. We had a great time too. I got a little teary a few times but it was a wonderful time for Nick and I to have together. There will be hard moments but it will be totally worth it.

  2. Thanks Sue...I remember your cruise, but totally forgot that you went kidless!!! Thankfully we'll have cell communication and they can call when they want to! Just now working on me actually leaving with Sam awake so she's not so anxious when we separate. Gotta love that separation anxiety phase!!

  3. Are you going to be done nursing by then? That was a big job for me too, to get Wesley weaned before we went. We only got to talk to them on the phone once during our week away. That was tough.

  4. Noooo she's too much of a boob fanatic!!! I've been pumping since March, and will hopefully have enough for her 3 feedings a day...and I'll pump and dump while away to keep it up, in case she still wants it when we get back. I'm not ready for her to be weaned yet, even tho she drinks everything DJ does...
    Not getting to talk to them but once would be VERY tough!!! Thank God we'll have my cell which has complete north american coverage!!!!


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